Philippine News Roundup −26 May 2008

With the Philippine government having imported most of its rice requirements for the year, the supply commitments from Vietnam and Thailand and Japan's offer to sell 200,000 tons, the Philippines should have enough supply for 2008. The only remaining possible cause of rice shortage would be catastrophe like what Burma experienced just recently.

Going further, there is an expected glut in the supply of chicken and its farm gate prices have started to go down. This year's production is projected to go up by as much as 20% and chicken farmers are already complaining. Chicken is now being purchased to as low as P67/kilo (farm gate price) and this is way below the farmers' threshold of P70.

In regard to the ZTE crisis, former Speaker Jose de Venecia claims that with the “With the convergence of the multiple crises, our government may fall. That's what I am trying to say when I say I am waiting for the right time,” It's funny how he started singing to the tune of anti administration immediately after he was deposed from his glamorous position in congress. And judging from an earlier statement that he was the only person to get victimized by the ZTE scandal, his statement smells more of a bargaining cheap being waved at the government.

Going to the metro, establishments In Pasig can be expected to be fully monitored as the police is determined to enforce a city ordinance penalizing businesses without a close circuit television.

If you are interested to see how Meralco computes for your monthly charges, read this inquirer report.

For the weather, it will be light to moderate for most of the country. The way things are going; Metro Manila is expected to be sunny with occasional rains and thunderstorms. Temperature will range from 24 C ~ 33C and it will largely be the same for the rest of the country with slight variations in some areas. This is with the exception of Bagiuo (15~23 C) which is generally colder than anywhere in the country at any time of the year.

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