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Paul Potts is coming to Manila! Who and why is it an event to look forward to? Listen to his voice and find out.

But more than that, what makes him such a wonder is the inspiration that his story brings to the common, even the most unsuccessful being. Thanks to the internet, the audition and performances of “Youtube Paul Potts” had become one of the all time hits and propelled a humble and very unlucky man, to the very bankable superstar that he is.

Not so long ago, he captured the hearts of people in the UK and won the grand prize (£100,000) in Britain's Got talent. That, he did by coming up with surprisingly excellent renditions of opera classics that the people voted over popular modern performances.

Today, success is more than making up with a man it so deprived. Paul Potts had performed for the Queen of England and some of the biggest names in the world. His schedule are also fully booked with performances. On October 8, 2008, he will be in Manila to share his music at the Araneta Coliseum. Tickets to the concert and other details can be found here.

Note: Ticket prices to the Paul Potts concert are: Php 4120.00, Php 3605.00, Php 2575.00, Php 1236.00 and Php 772.50

A victim of school bullying, he also has seven scars under his hair from domestic squabbles that he was unlucky to have been caught in the middle of. Growing up, misfortunes continued to rule the day. Paul Potts experienced career peaks that could have started success but bad turn of events greatly overshadowed it all.

He won £8,000 in “Michael Barrymore's My Kind of People (1999)” which enabled him to afford a singing course in Italy. He was so good that he was among those chosen to sing in front of the great maestro Luciano Pavarotti. This was followed by (free) performances at the Bath Operatic and Dramatic Society. He met the love of his life and got married in 2003.

But all the good tidings in his where pockmarked with great misfortunes. After winning “Michael Barrymore's My Kind of People”, he was diagnosed with appendicitis that caused complications and a tumor. He had to force himself to stop thinking of the growth just to be able to perform at the Bath Operatic and Dramatic Society. It was only right after when he had the tumor surgically removed. Four days after his honeymoon, his push bike was hit by a car and fractured his collarbone and it forced him into sickbay for 9 months. With debts spiraling upwards, he was forced to join Britain's Got Talent. It was not surprising that during the audition, his lack of self-esteem was very evident. His job during that time, was that of a mobile phone salesman.

Soon after the audition, he starred in a popular mobile phone commercial.

Paul Potts Youtube Audition Video

Having been out of luck for so long, Paul Potts' Britains Got Talent audition video showed a man that was anything but confident. His pained smile was further restrained by his crooked teeth and his bearing betrayed lack of self-assurance. It was so glaring that it resonated as far as the judges and studio audience. Sheepishly, he introduced himself as a mobile (cell) phone salesman and told the judges that he will be singing opera. Judging by the audience's eerie silence and the judges pained reaction (captured on camera), it seemed that UK was about to see another dreamer face harsh reality.

But when he sang, the effect was so electrifying that Paul Potts rendition of a short version of “Nessun Dorma” had some of the audience reduced to tears, reminiscent of Robert de Niro, a Mafia godfather on film, when watching great tenors. What was more surprising was the young audience who reacted very positively by leading the standing ovation. Right there and then, the judges declared that they have just seen somebody who will most likely emerge as the most popular in the entire competition. True enough, he breezed through the long process, singing “Time to say Goodbye” during the semi finals and the full version of “Nessun Dorma” to emerge as the grand champion.

Paul Potts Nessun Dorma is now one of the most typed searches in the searched engines and copies of his audition video are posted all over youtube.

For a better appreciation of the song, please click here for the Nessun Dorma Lyrics and English Translation.

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