General Information

The city of Paranaque is bordered by the following:

Pasay City – north

Taguig City – northeast

Muntinlupa City – Southeast

Las Pinas City – Southwest

Manila Bay – west

Brief History of Paranaque

Founded in 1572, Paranaque derived its name from the phrase “para na aque,” which literally means “stop now, boy.” It is used when one wishes to disembark from horse-drawn carriages or kalesas. Palanyag was the town’s old name. Because of its close proximity to the sea, the people in Paranaque mostly got their livelihood from fishing, salt-making, rice-planting, weaving and shoemaking. The town’s strategic location allowed its people to play significant roles in the country’s history. The residents were among those who tried to prevent the invasion of the Chinese pirate Limahong in 1574. This was called the “Red Sea Incident,” referring to the blood that flowed from the residents who heroically tried to defend their territory.

During the time of the Spaniards, the town was seen as a gateway to Cavite, where most of the Katipuneros were based. It was also considered as a gateway to Intramuros, the seat of the Spanish government in Manila.

During the Japanese occupation, Paranaque provided immense support to the guerilla movement. The town became one of the first to be liberated from Japanese rule. When the Americans came, Paranaque was one of the first towns to be granted a municipal government.

On February 15, 1998, Paranaque was granted cityhood status by President Fidel Ramos and became the 11th city in Metro Manila.

Schools in Paranaque

* Ann Arbor Montessori Learning Center, Inc.

* Arandia Academy

* Arch Angels Montessori Learning Center, Inc.

* Baclaran HS – PNHS Annex

* Beginners Circle Pre-School

* Betty’s Vermillion Academy

* Blessed Luisa School, Inc.

* Blessed Margaret Educ. Center, Inc.

* Center of Hope Integrated Learning & Dev’t., Inc.

* Centro Escolar University Paranaque

* Child Development Learning of Parañaque, Inc.

* Children of Light Catholic School

* Children of St. Anthony Learning Center

* Christ Child School, Inc.

* Christian Harvest Academy Foundation

* Creative Educational System, Inc.

* CSA Learning Center

* Davidville Academy

* Dr. Arcadio Santos NHS – Main

* Dr. Arcadio Santos NHS – Masville Annex

* Dr Arcatio Santos High School

* El Niño de Salambao Academy

* Escuela de San Lorenzo Ruiz

* European International School, Inc

* Father Simpliciano Academy

* Gemille School, Inc.

* Generosa De Leon Memmorial College

* Generosa De Leon Memorial College (Ceu)

* Gift of Advanced Learning Montessori School

* Golden Values School

* Grace Special School

* Great Christian Academy

* Growing Place Pre-school

* Hansel and Gretel Academy, Inc.

* Holy Child Angels Learning School of P’que.

* Holy Francis School

* Homeschooled in City Of Paranaque

* Immaculate Heart of Mary School

* International Christian Academy

* Jesu- Mariae School

* John Shannon Educational Center, Inc.

* Kiddie Centrum

* Kids Choice Learning Center

* Kids Play Camp Pre-school

* Kidsville Creative Systems, Inc.

* Kinder Cam Learning Center

* La Enfant Scuola (The Child’s School)

* Learn and Play Montessori

* Learning Garden Montessori School

* Legacy Christian Academy, Inc.

* Le-Sil Montessori Corporation

* Leyba Clinic School Of Midwifery

* Lighthouse Bible Believers Christian Acad.

* Little Friends Academy

* Little House Montessori, Inc.

* Lycee D’cyr

* Lycee D’Regis Mariae, Inc.

* Lycee D Regis Marie School

* MACE Learning Center

* Manresa School

* Maria Pia Notari School, Inc.

* Martyr’s Ecumenical School

* Mary and Joseph’s Learning Center

* Mary Heights Learning Center, Inc.

* Mary Immaculate School of Parañaque, Inc.


* Marymount School

* Merville Pre-School Center

* Merville Sacred Heart School

* Mo. Maria Magdalena Starace School, Inc.

* Mon El Learning Center

* Montessori de Manila

* Mother of Divine Grace School of Pque., Inc.

* Nstra. Sñora del Buensuceso Learning Center

* Olivarez College

* Our Lady of Carmel Educational Center, Inc.

* Our Lady of Carmel School

* Our Lady of Unity Parochial School

* Palm Crest School

* Parañaque Risen Christ School

* Paranaque Community High School

* Paranaque Municipal High School

* Paranaque National High School

* Paranaque NHS – Baclaran Annex

* Paranaque NHS – Don Galo Annex

* Paranaque NHS – La Huerta Annex

* Paranaque NHS – Main

* Paranaque Science HS – PNHS Annex

* Parish Learning Ctr. of San Antonio de Padua

* PEAN Academy

* Periwinkle Hillcrest School, Inc.

* Philippine Christian School Of Tomorrow

* Pilipino Children’s Montessori Village, Inc.

* Pre-Schooler Learning Center

* Ramon Pascual Institute

* Regina Maria Montessori, Inc.

* Regis Grace Montessori School

* Richfield Child Development Center, Inc.

* Sacred Heart School

* Saint Francis Academy

* Saint Paul College Of Paranaque

* Scuola Figlie de Maria Immaculata

* Shekinah Chrsitian Training Center

* South Merville School

* Southville International School And Foreign Colleges

* St. Agatha Academy, Inc.

* St Andrews School

* St. Andrew’s School

* St. Cyr Academy

* St. Dionysius School

* St. Dominic Savio Learning Center

* St. Francis Academy

* St. Gabriel Preschool

* STI Academy of Parañaque, Inc.

* St. James College of Parañaque

* St. Jude Educational Play and Tutorial Center

* St. Leonard Academy of Parañaque, Inc.

* St. Martin de Porres Kindergarten School

* Sto. Rosario Learning Center

* St. Paul College of Parañaque

* St Paul College Of Paranaque

* St Paul’s College

* St. Raymond’s Nursery & Kindergarten School

* St. Rita College of Parañaque

* St Rita School

* St. Thomas Learning and Tutorial Center, Inc.

* Sunvalley Montessori Center, Inc.

* The Center for Creative Concepts for Children

* The Happy Children Learning Center

* The Master’s Academy Foundation, Inc.

* The Montessori Child Early Learning Center

* United Christian Academy

* UP South School

* Veritas Parochial School

* Village Pre-School

* Ville St. John Academy

* World of Wonder Pre-School, Inc.

* Young Folks Learning Center

Districts and Barangays

Paranaque has two congressional districts and two legislative districts. These are subdivided into 16 barangays.

District 1

District 2

  • B.F. Homes
  • Don Bosco
  • Marcelo Green
  • Merville
  • Moonwalk
  • San Antonio
  • San Martin De Porres
  • Sun Valley

Business and Tourism

Paranaque has become one of the most dynamic cities in Metro Manila due various residential and commercial developments.  Paranaque is also the location of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the country’s central airport. The city is also known for BF Homes, where a lot of the wealthy families in the south reside.

Other interesting sites and establishments in Paranaque include:

  • Casino Filipino
  • Dampa
  • Elorde Boxing Sports Center
  • Wild Card Boxing Gym
  • Santana Grove
  • Asia World City

City Government

Mayor: Florencio “Jun” M. Bernabe

Vice Mayor: Gustavo “Gus” Tambunting

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