This coastal resort town in Ilocos Norte is a haven for tourists who prefer to steer clear of crowded, commercialized beach resorts. Pagudpod’s postcard-pretty sceneries give the town its quaint charm; it’s beauty is not yet marred by rampant real estate developments, unlike other popular beach destinations in the country. Pagudpod is often called “The Boracay of the North” for its clear blue waters and fine white sand. Unlike Boracay however, the hills and the mountains in the island are relatively untouched and the beaches are not filled with people partying in the sand.

There are three large beaches in Pagudpod. The Saud beach, which is considered as the main beach, is the location of most of the hotels and resorts in the area. Maira-Ira is known for having the whitest sand in Luzon. Pansion beach, which is the farthest of them all, is located near the border of Cagayan.

Those who prefer a more peaceful retreat from the city life should check out the Blue Lagoon, a secluded beach located at Maira-Ira Point. Blue Lagoon is an oasis of swaying coconut trees and crystal blue waters.

The shores of Pagudpod are dotted with inexpensive resorts that provide safe and comfortable accommodations for visitors. You can rent a cottage for as low as PHP500.00. Those who prefer more luxurious surroundings and fully air-conditioned rooms can stay at the Saud Beach Resort. For those on a lower budget, you can stay at the Polaris Beach Resort, which offers lower rates but offer practically the same level of service. You can book a room for as low as PHP1000 during off peak season.

Those who do not mind roughing it out can stay at the numerous transient houses in the area. There are many house owners in Pagudpod who offer their own houses for visitors to stay in.

There are many ways to get to Pagudpod. By air, you can take a Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific flight from Manila to Laoag. Once you get to Laoag, you can take a bus or a jeepney which will pass through Pagudpod. If you are traveling by land, there are bus trips that will take you directly to Pagudpod. Traveling by bus will take around ten hours before you get to the town proper.

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