Pacquiao Dominates De la Hoya better than the way he fought Diaz


Note: Post fight taped analysis at the bottom of this post.

If Manny was very dominant during Pacquiao vs. Diaz, the Pacquiao De la Hoya match proved to be several notches easier. Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao landed almost one of every two power punches thrown and he threw a lot!

Oscar “the Golden Boy” De la Hoya seemed unhurt during the first few rounds but was unable to land any blow that visibly hurt Manny Pacquiao. And whenever De la Hoya landed anything, Pacquiao quickly backpedaled, duck and make a side step to deprive Oscar De la Hoya of any follow up shot. Pacquiao was too fast that even before de la Hoya could recoil from his power shots, he had already move forward diagonally and was already at De la Hoya’s back.

Pacquiao’s speed made De la Hoya look very slow.

Towards the middle of the scheduled fight, Pacquiao even invited De la Hoya to hit him. By the end of the 5th round, Pacquiao pummeled him with rapid blows. De la Hoya’s knees buckled and one more shot and he could have gone down. One could actually claim that he was saved by the bell.

After round 5, it became evident that De la Hoya was getting hurt.

There were also instances when De la Hoya was unable to hit back and spent the time recoiling from Pacquiao’s punches. It was like a prisoner being tortured and afraid to hit back. At a certain point, the referee even threatened to stop the fight if De la Hoya will be unable to fight back.

At the start of round 9, De la Hoya surrendered and walked towards the Pacman to congratulate him.

The De la Hoya Pacquiao fight video was shown live and a record will be uploaded immediately after it becomes available.

Congratulations Pacman! And other than a bruised ego, I hope De la Hoya will be fine. These type of entertainment, in my opinion, is bringing us back to the days of the Colliseo, where gladiators butchered one another, to the delight of the crowds.

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