Morcon Recipe

Fiestas are memorable mainly because of the abundance of dishes that do not normally grace our dining tables everyday. Morcon is one of those dishes. Aside from fiestas, you can also find Morcon on a lot of wedding and birthday banquets.


– 1.5 kilograms of top round beef, cut into flat sheets ½ centimeters thick
– Juices extracted from 10-12 pieces of calamansi
– ¼ cup of pickle juice
– ½ cup of soy sauce
– Whole pieces of sweet pickles, quartered lengthwise
– Hardboiled eggs, sliced lengthwise
– Sausages or hot dogs, halved lengthwise
– Pimientos, cut into strips
– Cooking oil
– Beef stock
– Salt and pepper
– String for trussing chicken

How to Cook:

1. Mix the soy sauce, pickle juice and calamansi juice in a bowl. Soak the beef into the mixture and marinate for a few hours. Afterwards, remove the beef from the marinade and lay the pieces flat on a board.

2. Put strips of hotdog or sausage, egg, pickles and pimientos on the beef pieces. Roll the beef carefully and make sure that the filling stays on the center. Tie the rolls with strings to keep it together.

3. Fry the beef pieces over high heat and wait until they turn brown. Drain the fat afterwards. Transfer the pieces to another pan then pour the leftover marinade and beef stock over them. Simmer for around two hours or more, until the beefs pieces are tender. Drain the beef afterwards then fry to a nice, tender crisp.

4. Slice into 1-inch thick pieces and serve.

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