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Known as “The Shoe Capital of the Philippines,” Marikina is one of the most progressive cities in the country today. Located along the Eastern border of Metro Manila, it is considered as one of the healthiest and livable cities in the Asia-Pacific.

The city of Marikina is bordered by the following:

Quezon City – west

Pasig City and Cainta, Rizal – south

Antipolo City – east

San Mateo, Rizal – north

History of Marikina

The Augustinians were the first to settle at the valley, followed by the Jesuits in 1630. In April 1630, Fray Pedro de Arce, who was the apostolic ruler of the Archbishop of Manila during that time, entrusted the supervision and ecclesiastical control of the area to the Jesuits. In 1787, it was officially declared as a town under the Spanish government, and was given the name Mariquina.

From 1898 to 1899, Mariquina was designated as the capital of the province of Manila. This is the period when Emilio Aguinaldo, who became the nation’s first President, declared the Philippine Independence in Kawit, Cavite. When the Americans took over the country, the name Mariquina was changed to Marikina, and became a part of the newly-created province of Rizal. On November 7, 1975, Marikina, along with the 13 western towns of Rizal, became part of the Metropolitan Manila Area by virtue of Presidential Decree No. 824.

The city steadily established its shoe-making trade (please scroll down for the list of shoe manufacturers in Marikina). Spearheaded by Don Laureano Guevara, also known as Kapitan Moy, during the late 1800s, Marikina is now famous for its world-class quality footwear. The booming show trade is not without its downsides; the numerous industrial plants polluted the once-pristine Marikina River.

In 1992, under the strict leadership of then-Mayor Bayani Fernando, Marikina was transformed into a beautiful and industrialized urban city that attracted the interests of real estate developers. Marikina was named as a first class city by virtue of Republic Act No. 8223 on December 8, 1996.

Schools in Marikina

Here are some of the colleges and universities located in the city of Markina:

  • AMA Computer University – East Rizal
  • AMA Computer Learning Center Cainta
  • AMA Computer Learning Center Marikina
  • Asian College of Science and Technology – Sumulong Highway
  • Ateneo de Manila University – San Jose Seminary
  • Deeco Technological Institute
  • IETI Computer and Technical Education College
  • Kalayaan College
  • Loyola House of Studies (Ateneo de Manila)
  • Marikina Polytechnic College
  • National Christian Life College
  • National Cottage Industries Technology Center
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Succor College (OLOPSC)
  • Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina
  • Roosevelt College Marikina
  • Roosevelt College Sumulong
  • St. Camillus School
  • STI Computer College Marikina
Marikina’s Business and Tourism

Marikina has become a multi-awarded city. It was first named as The Cleanest and Greenest City in the Philippines. The city was also considered as one of the Most Healthiest and Livable City in the Asia-Pacific region. In a span of just 16 years, Marikina has already earned more than 200 awards and recognitions, making the city ideal not only for residential living, but also for business and commerce.

The emergence of commercial establishments such as SM Marikina has made the city more profitable than ever, coupled with the presence of the LRT 2 system located along Marcos Highway. This has made the city more reachable for people who reside in Manila.

Markina’s City Officials

Mayor: Ma. Lourdes “Marides” Fernando

Vice Mayor: Marion Andres

List of Shoe Manufacturers in Marikina
  • 3KC Shoes 12 Marikit St. Nangka 490-3145 Office/Casual Shoes, Slippers (Men's)
    A.C.S.L. Footwear 21 H. Bautista St. Concepcion I 941-3614 Casual/Formal/School Shoes, Sandals (Men's/Ladies)
  • Aldis Footwear Mfg 155 M.A. Roxas St. Kalumpang 941-2188 School/Casual/Formal Rubber Shoes (Children's)
  • Alligator Shoe Shop 61 H. Bautista St. Concepcion I 941-2314 Slippers (Men's/Ladies)
  • Al-Ren Shoes 128 P. Burgos St. Sto. Niño Casual Shoes, Sandals, Slippers (Ladies)
  • Alria Shoes 31 A. Santos St. San Roque 997-1372 Office/Casual/Formal Shoes, Sandals (Ladies)
  • Amfel Shoes 36 Malvar St. Jesus dela Peña Casual Shoes, Sandals, Slippers (Ladies)
  • Angela's Shoe Manufacturing 9 Kanduli St. Kalumpang 947-3094 School Shoes (Children's)
  • Anne Marie Shoe Manufacturing 127 Munding Ave. San Roque Office/Casual Shoes, Slippers (Men's)
  • Armen Shoes 163 Malaya St. Malanday Office/Casual Shoes, Slippers (Men's)
  • B. Mendoza Shoes 43 Bayan-bayanan Ave. Concepcion I 941-0731 Slippers (Men's)
  • Beau Shoe Manufacturing 12 Balibol St. Midtown, San Roque 942-2682 Safety/Military Shoes (Men's)
  • Bernardo's Shoes 45 Kapt. Miyong St. San Roque 942-1227 Casual Shoes, Slippers (Men's)
  • Biboy Shoes 11 F. Mendoza St. Valentino Cmpd. Malanday 942-2776 Office/Formal/Casual/School Shoes (Men's/Children's)
  • BM Shoe Shop 92 E. Jacinto St. Sto. Niño Casual Shoes, Slippers (Men's)
  • Bristol Shoes 29 Caimito St. Concepcion I
  • Bucroe Footwear L6 B1 Dahlia St. Sampaguita Vill. Malanday 942-5323 Casual Shoes (Men's)
  • Cally-San Footwear 35A Riverside Drive Provident Vill. Tañong 943-0585 Office/Casual Shoes (Men's)
  • Camarillo Shoe Shop 44 Paraiso St.. Parang 941-2188 School/Office/Formal/Casual Shoes
  • Camille Shoe Shop #36 Balibol St. Midtown Subd. San Roque Casual Shoes (Men's)
    Caramel Shoes L10 B26 B. Soliven St. Greenheights Subd. Ph 2 Concepcion I 941-1891 Casual Shoes (Men's)
    Carl Mitchell Shoe Shop 59 H. Bautista St. Concepcion I Slippers (Ladies)
    Carmelletes Shoe, Inc. 73 E. Dela Paz St. San Roque 903-9946 School, Casual, Slippers (Men's/Ladies/Children's)
    Cartiel Shoe Shop 3rd St. Paliparan St. Sto. Niño 941-3852 Slippers
    Celdin Shoes 24 Lucia St. Sta. Teresita Vill. Malanday 903-8546 Slippers
    Cloyd Shoes Manufacturing 109 Munding Ave. San Roque 998-1491 Slippers
    Creative Leather 72 Rajah Soliman St. Parang 934-5009 Slippers
    CT Walk Shoe Manufacturing Gen. F. Santos St. Kalumpang 941-3803 Office/Casual Shoes, Sandals, Slippers (Men's/Ladies)
    D.C. Footwear 72 M.A. Roxas St. Kalumpang 942-5065 Office/Formal/School Shoes, Slippers, Sandals (Men's/Ladies/Children's)
    Dexter Shoes 146 E. Rodriguez Ave. Concepcion I Office/Casual Shoes, Slippers (Men's)
    Donato Shoemakers Enterprises 43 Bayan-bayanan Ave. Concepcion I 941-3614 Casual/Formal/School Shoes, Sandals (Men's/Ladies)
    Donato Shoemakers Enterprises 43 Bayan-bayanan Ave. Concepcion I 941-6426 Office/Casual Shoes (Men's)
    Dorzen Footwear 3 S. Cruz St. Concepcion I Casual Shoes, Slippers (Ladies)
    DST Shoe Manufacturing 21 Lazaro St. Sto. Niño 997-8843 Office/Casual Shoes (Ladies)
    E.A.Z. Shoe Manufacturing 3 Dragon St. Midtown Subd. San Roque 941-7825 Office/Casual Shoes (Ladies)
    E.S.U. Shoe Manufacturing 54 P. Burgos St. Sto. Niño 933-1656 Office/Casual Shoes, Slippers (Ladies)
    Errizaro Shoe Corporation 11 Corazon St. Sto. Niño Casual Shoes, Slippers, Sandals (Ladies)
    Esse Marketing 81 M.A. Roxas St. Kalumpang 948-8170 Casual Shoes, Sandals (Ladies)
    Essenza Ent. 21 Old J.P. Rizal St. Tayug, Kalumpang 943-2389 Casual Shoes (Ladies)
    Every Step Shoe Manufacturing 6 G. Fernando Ave. Kalumpang 681-2452 Casual Shoes, Slippers, Sandals (Ladies)
    FG Shoes 23 Malaya St. Malanday 525-9065 Formal Shoes (Children's)
    Figueshoes 61 H. Bautista St. Concepcion I 646-0969 Casual Shoes, Sandals (Ladies)
    Florich Footwear Philippines 27 Lazaro St. Sto. Niño 646-0126 Casual Shoes, Slippers, Sandals (Ladies)
    Fontelle Shoes Oval cor. 1st Paliparan Sto. Niño 645-8593 Office/Casual Shoes, Sandals (Ladies)
    Francel Shoes 24 Liamzon St. San Roque 645-2980 Office/Casual Shoes, Slippers, Sandals (Ladies)
    Gem-A Leather House 68 M.L.Q. St. Parang Casual Shoes, Sandals (Ladies)
    Germel's Shoes 28-B Exequiel St. Concepcion I 929-9860 Office/Casual Shoes, Sandals (Ladies)
    Gibson's Shoe Factory 707 J.P. Rizal St. 682-1621 Nursing Shoes (Men's/Ladies)
    Giovano Footwear Int'l Corp. 9 Guerilla St. Sto. Niño 646-8779 Casual Shoes, Sandals (Ladies)
    Golden Arras Shoe Shop 103 J.M. Basa St. Kalumpang 645-9014 Office/Casual Shoes (Men's/Ladies/Children's)
    Grissini Footwear 44 A. De Guzman St. Concepcion I 645-2263 Office/Casual Shoes (Ladies)
    Halcy's Manufacturing Corporation 55 E. dela Paz St. San Roque 646-0105 Casual/Nursing/Ballet Shoes (Men's/Ladies)
    Hedda Shoe Shop 21 Dragon St. Midtown Subd. San Roque 933-2066 High Fashion/Casual/Formal Shoes, Sandals (Ladies)
    Iana Mari Shoes & Slipper Shoppe L1, B15 Dasdasan St. Midtown San Roque 715-7111 Office/Casual/Formal Shoes (Ladies)
    Italia Footwear Mfg. 55 E. Rodriguez Ave. Concepcion I 682-1450 Casual/Formal Shoes (Ladies)
    J. Lance Shoes 130 M.A. Roxas St. Kalumpang 646-5661 Casual Shoes, Sandals (Ladies)
    J.A.C. Footwear 14 Mt. Wilson St. New Marikina Subd. San Roque 933-3489 Casual Shoes, Sandals, Slippers (Ladies)
    Janelle Slipper Shop 16 Santisimo St. San Roque 645-6291 Casual Shoes (Ladies)
    Jar Shoe Shop 157 Malaya St. Malanday 645-2261 Slippers
    JCB Shoe Factory 25 Virginia St. Manotoc Subd. Sto. Niño 942-6624 Casual Shoes (Men's/Ladies)
    Jemery Shoes 5th St. Paliparan, Sto. Niño Casual Shoes (Men's)
    Jenille's Footwear Mfg. 7 Mangga St. Libis, Bulelak, Malanday 941-2090 Casual Shoes (Men's)
    Jerba Footwear 57 H. Bautista St. Concepcion I 942-0583 School/Casual Shoes (Children's)
    Jerry Shoe Shop 14 H. Bautista St. Concepcion I 942-6006 Casual Shoes (Ladies)
    J-Ner's Shoe Shop Corporation L13 B14 Ditchoy St. Midtwon Subd. San Roque 943-0031 Office/Casual/Formal/Rubber Shoes, Slippers, Sandals (Ladies)
    Joe-Fel Shoe Shop 184 Malaya St. Malanday 998-2125 Slippers (Ladies)
    Joy-Ven Shoes 26 Exequiel St. Sto. Niño 430-3027 Casual Shoes, Sandals, Slippers (Ladies)
    Julinette Shoes 262 A. Bonifacio Ave. Jesus dela Peña Casual Shoes (Ladies)
    Kaycee's Footwear 235 Malaya St. Malanday 933-1754 Casual Shoes, Sandals, Slippers (Ladies)
    Kennyson Shoe Manufacturing 11 Bernadette St. Sta. Teresita Vill. Malanday 942-4047 Casual Shoes, Sandals (Ladies)
    Kheeloh Shoe Manufacturing 12 C.M. Recto St. Parang 941-9861 Office Shoes, Sandals (Ladies)
    Kim Dominic Shoe Corp. 20 Kagitingan St. Kalumpang Casual Shoes (Ladies)
    Kim Rose Shoe Shop 99 M. Roxas St. San Roque 948-5009 Casual Shoes (Men's)
    Krisffer's Shoe Shop 65 Narra St. Marikina Heights 490-3250 Casual Shoes (Men's)
    L. Evaristo Shoe Shop L16 B16 Helena St. Sta. Teresita Vill. Malanday 476-5092
    Lara Erika Shoe Manufacturing 99 J.P. Rizal St. Kalumpang 645-8928
    LC Commercial B6 Lot 2, St. Benedict Subd. Nangka 941-3082
    Le Dince Shoes 482 J.P. Rizal St. Malanday 942-7667
    Lenie's Slipper Purok 5 Malaya Int. Malanday 940-2300
    LML Shoe Shop 1 Eaustaquio St. Manotoc Subd. Sto. Niño 941-6306
    Lorry-Min Shoes 14 Rosal St. Sampaguita Vill. Malanday Slippers
    Luzellyn Enterprise L25 B6 Balibol St. San Roque 948-0071 Casual/Formal Shoes, Sandals, Slippers (Ladies)
    M. True Leather Concept Industries 2 Opal St. Emerald Vill. Sto. Niño 941-3296 Casual/Rubber Shoes
    Mano Shoes Mfg. Corp. 146 E. Rodriguez Ave. Concepcion I 933-2306 Formal/Nursing Shoes, Sandals (Men's/Ladies)
    Manor Shoes 4 Malvar St. Jesus dela Peña 948-4355 School/Casual/Formal Shoes (Children's)
    Mardini Shoes 43 H. Bautista St. Concepcion I 476-1363 Casual Shoes, Slippers, Sandals (Men's/Ladies)
    Maritalia Manufacturing Inc. 90 E. Rodriguez Ave. Concepcion I 941-5040 Casual Shoes (Men's)
    Maritalia Manufacturing Inc. 90 E. Rodriguez Ave. Concepcion I 948-1598 Slippers
    Marliz Shoe Shop L8 B13 Strawberry St. Malanday 941-1493 Casual Shoes (Men's)
    Mateo Footwear L71 B88 Panganiban St. Concepcion II 915-1839 School/Casual Shoes (Children's)
    MC James Marketing, Inc. 61 J.P. Rizal St. Kalumpang 941-3542 Casual Shoes (Men's)
    Medvig Footwear 30 Mt. Vernon St. Sta. Elena 940-1060 Casual Shoes (Men's)
    Medz Shoes Corp. 47 Dragon St. Midtwon Subd. San Roque 942-3334 Slippers
    Men at Work Shoe Mfg. J.P. Rizal St. Malanday 796-2234
    Mico Morielle Shoes 89 Lopez Jaena St. Jesus dela Peña 941-4461 Slippers
    Midas Shoes 16 Malaya St. Malanday 645-2766 Casual Shoes/Sandals (Ladies)
    Mome Shoe Manufacturing 298 E. Dela Paz St. Sto. Niño 645-8887 Casual Shoes, Sandals (Ladies)
    Navigator Shoe Mfg. 13 E. Santos St. Concepcion I 682-3829 Casual Shoes (Men's)
    Nedzon Shoe Manufacturing 226 Chestnut St. San Roque 934-8221 School/Casual/Formal/Nursing Shoes, Sandals, Slippers (Children's/Men's/Ladies)
    Nico Angelo Shoes 3 Narra St. Cristina Subd. Concepcion I 645-1708 Casual Shoes, Sleep-On (Ladies/Children's)
    Nicoli Shoes 10 M.A. Roxas St. Kalumpang 645-2256 Office/Casual Shoes (Men's)
    Oma's Shoes 64 E. Dela Paz St. San Roque 645-8690 Casual Shoes (Ladies)
    Omari Shoe Shop 7 J.P. Rizal St. Nangka 943-2558 Casual Shoes, Sandals (Ladies)
    Ourshuzz Manufacturing Corp. 61 J.P. Rizal St. Kalumpang 407-7118 Office/Casual Shoes (Ladies)
    Paragatus by Carlo Shoes 4 M.H. Del Pilar St. Parang 682-3693 Office Shoes (Ladies)
    Paula Bianca Santos Shoes 42 A. Flores St. Jesus dela Peña 933-1482 Office/Casual shoes (Ladies)
    Pelina Shoes 9 Dragon St. San Roque 903-8504 Office/Casual/Formal Shoes (Ladies)
    Pelinie Shoes 44 Kabayani Road, Purok 6, Malanday 682-0985 Casual Shoes, Sandals
    Pepe Shoe Manufacturing 13 Malaya St. Malanday Slippers
    Pereyra's Footwear Mfg. 40 Malvar St. Jesus dela Peña Slippers
    Pinc Shoes Mfg. 24 Kalantiao St. Kalumpang 457-3718 Slippers
    Rachester's Shoes 153 Pili Nut St. Marikina East Subd. San Roque 933-3489 Office/Casual/formal Shoes, Sandals (Ladies)
    Ramir Shoe Manufacturing 620 Oval St. Sto. Niño 645-3529 School/Office Shoes (Ladies)
    Reec Shoe Industry 90 H. Bautista St. Concepcion I 646-5153 School/Office/Casual (Ladies/Children's)
    Reinell Shoe Shop 33 Malaya St. Malanday 645-3626 Casual Shoes, Sandals (Ladies)
    RnB Footwear 8 C.M. Recto St. Parang 645-9461 Casual Shoes (Ladies/Children's)
    Rodsan Shoes Center 34 Bantayog St. Concepcion I 933-0205 School/Casual Shoes, Sandals (Children's/Ladies)
    Rosem Shoes Manufacturing 50 Calderon St. Kalumpang 457-1324 Sandals (Ladies)
    Rose-Vhil Shoe Shop 111 Munding Ave. San Roque 933-7294 Casual Shoes, Sandals, Slippers (Ladies)
    Roxanne Footwear 118 Malaya St. Malanday 681-5004 Office Shoes, Sandals (Ladies)
    Sandara Shoes 365 Munding Ave. Sto. Niño 645-7462 Casual Shoes, Sandals (Ladies)
    Sherbrooke Footwear Manufacturing 21 Jade St. Emerald Village, Sto. Niño 645-3424 Office/Casual/Formal Shoes, Sandals (Ladies)
    Shoe Walk Shoe Mfg. B6 L4 Greenheights Subd. Concepcion I 646-0865 Office Shoes (Ladies)
    Shoetech Manufacturing Corp. 78 M.A. Roxas St. Kalumpang 646-5747 Casual Shoes (Men's)
    Shoetek Footwear 445 Shoe Ave. Ext. Concepcion I 942-1998 Casual Shoes, Sandals, Slippers (Ladies)
    Shogun Footwear 101 H. Bautista St. Concepcion I Office/Casual Shoes (Men's)
    Solea Shoes Manufacturing L1 B1 Dragon St. San Roque Office/Casual Shoes (Men's)
    Squaw Miber Shoe Shop 941-9574 Casual Shoes (Men's)
    St. Angelo Shoes 7 Oak St. New Marikina Subd. San Roque 942-0482 Casual Shoes, Sandals, Slippers (Men's/Ladies)
    Stefano Footwear Corporation 5 A. De Guzman St. Concepción I 948-1334 Casual Shoes (Ladies)
    Sun Sports Industry 1 Majestic Drive, Concepción I 942-2990 Sandals, Slippers (Ladies)
    Tambuli Shoe Shop 352 Munding Ave. Sto. Niño 942-0469 Casual, Formal, Safety Shoes (Men's)
    Techno Footwear Contractor 9 Guerilla St. Sto. Niño 941-2188 Office/Formal/Casual Shoes (Men's)
    Theresa Shoes 606 Bonifacio St. Paliparan, Sto. Niño 941-1620 Office/Casual/Formal Shoes, Boots (Ladies)
    Therese Shoe Shop 40B Old J.P. Rizal St. Tayug, Kalumpang 948-2827 Casual Shoes, Slippers, Sandals (Ladies)
    Tintin Shoe Manufacturing 14 J.A. Santos St. San Roque 475-2306 Office/Casual Shoes (Men)
    Trident International 103 J.P. Rizal St. Nangka Casual Shoes, Slippers, Sandals (Ladies)
    Upper Shank & Heel, Inc. 113 Malaya St. Malanday 948-2843 School/Casual Shoes (Children's)
    Valentino Shoe, Inc. 83 Malaya St. Malanday 948-1947 Slippers
    Vianzel Shoe Manufacturing 40 P. Zamora St. Jesus dela Peña 941-6742 School Shoes (Children's)
    Xander Shoes 12 cor. Beta Dragon St. San Roque 490-7510 Slippers (Children's/Ladies)
    Xandra Kaye Shoe Shop B7 L3 Malaya St. Purok 4, Malanday 948-7152 Office/Casual Shoes, Sandals, Slippers (Men's/Ladies)
    Yazoo Shoes 27 Balibol St. Midtown Subd. Ph1, San Roque 941-7395 Office/Casual Shoes, Sandals (Men's/Ladies)
    Yeskia Shoe Corp. 91 Senga St. Kalumpang 941-2188 School/Office/Formal/Casual Shoes (Children's/Men's/Ladies)
    Zarah Silva Shoes, Inc. 51 Gen. F. Santos St. Kalumpang 948-2281 School/Office/Formal Shoes (Men's/Ladies)
    Zenith Footwear, Inc. 473 Gen. Ordoñez St. Parang 934-1051 Office/Casual/Formal Shoes, Sandals, Slippers (Ladies)

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