LTB Philippines Culinary Team Takes On Another Challenge

Last year, the Les Toques Blanches Philippines Culinary Team brought home the coveted gold and the “Best of the Best” trophy from the Hong Kong International Culinary Classic, reiterating the talent of the Filipino Chef. With the victory still fresh in everyone's memories, the team embarks on another journey, at the ongoing Food and Hotel Asia Culinary Challenge 2008 scheduled at the Singapore Expo.

The competitors include Virgilio Timola and Anatolio Bleza of Makati Shangri-La Hotel, Arnold Guevarra of Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Amador Mendoza of Manila Pavilion Hotel, and Reno dela Victoria of Waterfront Hotel Cebu. Plus apprentices Marge Villena of Lolo Dad's Café, Andy Tabotabo of CCA Manila, Janet Lazaga and Ryan Otmana of Malacanang Palace, with team captain Ariel Manuel of Lolo Dad's Café at the helm. Managing the team is J. Gamboa of Cirkulo and Milky Way Restaurants with Fernando Aracama of Embassy Cuisine and PR & Events Consultant Nana Nadal.

Filipino chefs rout foreign competiton

PHOTO: Back row (left to right) – J Gamboa, Reno De La Victoria, Anatolio Bleza, Ariel Manuel, Buddy Trinidad, James Antolin, Amador Mendoza, Andy TabotaboFront row – Fernando Aracama, Virgilio Timola, Marge Villena, Nana Nadal, Janice Lazaga, Ryan Otmana, Arnold Guevarra

So far, here are the results:

TUESDAY – April 22

Ariel Manuel
Plated Appetizer Bronze
Plated Dish Silver
Ador Mendoza
Pastry Showpiece Bronze
Marge Villena
Andy Tabotabo
Team Live Cooking – Two To Tango Bronze
Arnold Guevara
Live Cooking – Neptune's Catch Gold
WEDNESDAY – April 23
Arnold Guevara
Plated Dish Silver
Tony Bleza
Ethnic Asian Display Bronze
Live Cooking -Asian Family Meal Silver
THURSDAY – April 24
Arnold Guevara
Plated Appetizer
Boy Timola
Plated Dish
Live Cooking – Field&Forest
FRIDAY – April 25
Boy Timola
Plated Appetizer
Ariel Manuel
Live Cooking – New Asia

The team will also be participating in the Valhrona Asian Pastry Cup, to be represented by James Antolin of CCA Manila, Buddy Trinidad of Park Avenue Desserts and Pauline Diaz-Lagdameo of ISCAHM.

As these chefs go head to head with competition from around the region, they are backed by the generous support of the Office of the President, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo,Werdenberg International Corp, PTC, , Sweetlink, Kyocera Knives, Chocolate World, Siliconezone, MIDA Foods, Meat and Livestock Australia, PAL, Unilever Food Solutions, Alternatives Foods Corp, Brother’s Burger, San Miguel Pure Foods Great Foods Solutions, Fonterra, Royal Country Marketing, Gourdos, Happy Living Fine Wines, Technolux, Chef Republic Workwear, and Mike Aguas for the plate elevations and sugar and chocolate molds.

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