KC Concepcion: Update

After a very successful year, KC Concepcion is back to work again on another project which will surely be another hit on her belt. Fresh from the blockbuster success of her movie with Richard Gutierrez, the lovely star went to Paris for a three-week taping for Lovers in Paris, a local remake of the popular Korean series. This will be the first teleserye that KC will do for ABS-CBN, and she is paired with no less than Piolo Pascual.

Of course, it goes without saying that gossips are already trying to make something out of it. Since Lovers in Paris is well, a love story, there will lots of kilig scenes between KC and her leading man. Everyone will be watching how this loveteam would turn out.

Her first shooting day with Piolo turned out to a breeze. According to KC, the actor was very easy, very supportive and understanding. Piolo also took the initiative to explain to her the directing style of Eric Reyes, who is known for being very meticulous towards his work.

In the Korean version of Lovers in Paris, there is an underwater kissing scene between Vivian and Carlo, the characters of KC and Piolo, respectively. There is no doubt that Eric Reyes will include that scene for the local version. KC says she is willing to do the scene as long as the script really calls for it, and if Direk Eric is present during the shooting. She also adds that doing the sexy “wet look” will not be a problem for her.

KC was asked how she will react in case Piolo courts her during shooting. The young actress simply replied that Piolo courting her is not exactly taboo, and implied that it would actually be flattering. She stresses however that her main focus for the moment is work, and that she just hopes that she and Piolo will work well together.

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