Katrina Halili: Update

UPDATE (18 May 2009): A sex Video of somebody closely resembling Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho is now circulating in the net. Other videos of somebody resembling Hayden Kho and other celebrities are also being posted

It’s not easy being Katrina Halili these days. The sexy siren has been involved in probably the biggest scandal of her career, being the reported cause of the breakup between celebrity surgeon Vicki Belo and then-boyfriend Dr. Hayden Kho. Vicki allegedly saw a sex video of Katrina and Hayden on the former’s laptop, which led to the breakup and Hayden’s suicide attempt.

It’s a classic “other woman” scenario. Katrina was instantly portrayed as the villain, especially given the fact that the actress is an endorser of the Belo Medical Group. She was branded as “walang delikadeza” because of her indiscretion. To give credit to Katrina, she admitted fooling around with Hayden, but flatly denied that there was actually a sex tape of her and the young doctor. Hayden, meanwhile, also came clean, but he gave the tried-and-tested “I’m just a man” excuse for sleeping with Katrina.

The actress seems to be holding up well despite the endless intrigues and the incessant judgment. What’s ironic is that despite the bad mang-aagaw image that the public has bestowed on Katrina, the actress came out in a better shape than Hayden. Her career is still doing great, especially in comparison to the doctor. The wrath of Dra. Belo has cost Hayden his woman, his medical job and whatever showbiz career that he had. Katrina still has her TV shows, movies and yes, she looks better and sexier than ever, thank you very much.

The bombshell is very busy these days. After wrapping up Gagambino, she starred in an episode of Dear Friend along with Alfred Vargas, Jewel Mische and JC Tiuseco. Her latest movie, Sundo, is doing well in the box office. And to top it all off, she recently bought a house in New Manila, to add to the existing one in Palawan.

For Katrina, it’s definitely time for her and her detractors to move on. The sexy star would rather forget all about the past and focus more on her career and making herself happy.

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