Is He More Than Fling Material?

Those who have been the dating game long enough are always on the lookout for that special guy who might turn out to be more than just a roll-in-the-hay-material. If you are dead set on weeding out your prospects for a potential long-time mate, observe the following qualities in a man:

  • His capability to nurture

You need to look out for men who are naturally helpful in your times of need. This may involve helping you carry your groceries or taking you out to a nice dinner when you’ve had a killer day at the office. These thoughtful men are definitely boyfriend material.

  • His ability to handle conflict

Take note of the way he handles conflict by listening to him describing his disagreements with this family or friends. The way he deals with conflict will definitely show later on in your relationship, assuming that you’ll get to that stage.

  • His attitude towards work

The best way to know this is to ask him what he likes about his current job. Most likely, it’s either the work itself or the paycheck. This will give you an excellent clue on what really motivates him.

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