Great Filipinos

The news pages during the past couple of weeks were dominated by scandals and controversies. Perhaps, it's high time that we write about positive events that are being buried in the inner pages. The traditional media, just like any other business, is in the market for customers that will bring profit to their companies. As this site have experienced, bad news draws more readers and therefore, scandals bring in good business.

As often as possible, this site will upload success stories in the hope of inspiring our people into taking positive action to alleviate their lives and reach for what seems to be impossible. Let us start with 3 pieces of good news about Filipinos.

  1. A Filipino sculpture named Joe Datuin bested artists from 36 countries and won the grand prize ($30,000) in the International Olympic Committee's “Olympic Sport s & Art Contest”. His work entitled “Dancing Rings” will be on display at the Olympic Expo in Beijing. This feat is not a first time for the good Pinoy. In 1980, his poster bested 6,000 other entries during the Moscow Olympic poster design contest. The photo of his winning artwork is in this link while his personal website is here.
  2. A poor scrap metal diver from the Philippines succeeds in life by winning triple gold medals in the Southeast Asian Games. Today, she aims to bring home the gold medal from the Beijing Olympics.
  3. The ASEAN foundation provided funds for a grand computer game similar to Angelina Jolie's “Tomb Raider”. In the course of the game, the players will get familiarized with countries in the region. The game was created by Filipino engineering and computer science professors.

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