How to Tie a Neckerchief


Unlike the necktie, there are is actually no “correct” way to tie a neckerchief, unless you are in the Navy. There are different styles and different ways to use neckerchiefs. For the Boy Scouts, neckerchiefs only serve as fashion accessories. For chefs, it serves as a protection against gusts of hot or cold air that can enter the space between the skin and their uniform.

The thing is, neckerchiefs have practical uses. Neckerchiefs are originally intended to serve as protection for the neck against sunburn. They can be used to cover the nose and the mouth when hiking in a smoky or dusty area. Notice that the cowboys in Western films often use the neckerchiefs this way.

You can use a bandanna or large handkerchief if you just want to protect your neck. Fold it into a triangle and roll it slightly, then tie it into a comfortable knot in front. The appearance of your neckerchief will depend on the fabric and the way you roll it.

Now if you want a specific procedure on how to tie a neckerchief, then you should do it Navy-style. The neckerchiefs that they use look more like a cravat or a short necktie. Here’s how you do it:

– Cross the right end over the left end under the point of your shirt’s V
– Pull the right end up and over toward the left and cross over the left end, forming a loop
– Pull it up through the loop
– Tie a square knot and make sure that the top of the knot is even with the bottom of the V.

Remember that the ends of the neckerchief must be of the same length. You may need several practices before you get this right.

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