How to Stop Midnight Snacking

Those who love to stay up all night watching TV are mostly victims of the irrepressible urge to gorge on midnight snacks. Snacking during the wee hours of the night is not a problem for those who have their weight under control, but for those who are on strict diets, midnight snacks are a big no-no. If pigging out during midnights is your problem, check out these tips which can help repress your midnight munching.

  • Load up on protein during the day. Constantly craving for food at night usually means that you’re not having enough protein during the day. Snack on a cup of yoghurt or take some cottage cheese during nighttime if you’re short in protein levels during the day, these foods are relatively guilt-free compared to the junk foods that you usually eat during midnight snacks.
  • Drink herbal tea at the end of the day. Sipping on soothing herbal tea while relaxing after a hard day at the office will suppress the urge to snack during the later part of the evening.
  • Keep yourself occupied after dinner. Clean out your closet, walk the dog, type on the computer – anything to keep your mind off snacking. Just don’t do something that will tire you, or you will end up wanting snacks even more.

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