How to shop online

We absolutely LOVE internet shopping. The ease of choosing and buying items right in the convenience of your home and office is definitely for those who can’t be bothered to go to the mall to buy stuff. I’m pretty sure that most of us have eBay, Amazon and Multiply bookmarked in our browsers.

To make online shopping more enjoyable and definitely hassle-free, here are some tips how to shop online:

  • As much as possible, stick with the sellers that you already know. Trust is a precious commodity when it comes to online selling, and you’ll feel better buying items from someone you’ve already dealt with. If the seller is unknown to you, make sure to find more info about him through feedbacks from past customers.
  • Be careful and take note of the item’s condition. Sellers MUST cite if an item is brand-new, slightly used or refurbished. The actual condition of the item should always correspond with the seller’s description.
  • Take note of the shipping expenses. Usually, prices posted by sellers exclude the shipping expenses. Make sure to read carefully and find out the exact shipping fee required, which will be added on top of the item’s base price.
  • Always read the return policy. You never know when you have to return an item that has been shipped to you. Make sure that the seller has clear and fair return policies. Do not hesitate to ask questions to the seller in case there’s something unclear about the policies.
  • Be clear on the delivery date. Some sellers become sketchy when it comes to delivery dates. The duration of the delivery should also correspond with the amount of shipping charged to you.

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