How to Make Effective New Year’s Resolutions


Along with fireworks and great food, making New Year’s resolutions is a timeless tradition when it comes to celebrating the start of a brand-new calendar. People feel the urgency to start fresh and list all the things that they should do for months to come. While there’s nothing wrong with making a list of stuff that should be accomplished within the year, people often forget to stick with their plans of getting things done. Which is why listing New Year’s resolutions is often considered as a joke; we always do it every year, but we usually fail to accomplish majority of what we set out to do.

This is not to say that you should stop making New Year’s resolutions altogether. What you need to do aside from making a list is making sure that you will accomplish most, if not all, of what you aim to do for this year. Here are some tips to make it work:

1. Be realistic

You should always set goals for yourself, but always remember to keep these goals realistic. For instance, if you promise yourself that you will earn half a million bucks by the end of the year, make sure that you do have the means to realize it. No use making this kind of resolution if you’re jobless or earning less that what should be getting.

2. Do them for the right reasons

Aside from making sure that your resolutions are on the realistic side, you also have to be certain that you want to get these things done for the right reasons. There is such as thing as the wrong type of motivation; if your goals are meant to destroy the lives of persons or simply mess things up, then I suggest against making the resolution in the first place.

3. Set priorities

Rare are those people who can create a list of 20 resolutions and actually achieve them all by year’s end. The most practical thing you can do is to categorize your resolutions by priority. Focus more effort and energy on the items that you think you should prioritize above all else.

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