How to Job-Hunt in the Office Without Getting Compromised

Admit it: you are probably browsing or JobsDB in your office computer during work hours. This does not automatically mean that you are planning to leave your present job anytime soon; it is just natural for employees to check out other opportunities in store for professionals like them. But this does not mean that it is perfectly okay with your office that you are doing some mindless surfing on job-hunting websites. You may actually compromise your job by doing that. To make sure that you stay clean while looking up employment opportunities while in the office, take note of the following:

  • Avoid surfing the internet in the middle of the day

If you really must go job-hunting while in the office, do not do so during the middle of the day when you have a million deadlines to meet. Do not let your browsing affect your work and hamper your productivity. If you need to go to an interview do it during your free time; it could be after work or during lunch breaks. As much as possible, do not skip work because of a job interview.

  • Be careful in using office resources

Practice delicadeza and try not to use the office printer and bond papers to produce resumes that you plan to give out to potential employers. If you must do it, do so with utmost discretion. Also, be cautious when surfing job-hunting sites; your office IT department will know all the sites that you have been checking out.

  • Be discreet when talking to your contacts from the same industry

It's a small world; chances are, your contacts outside work may know somebody in your office – you know how it goes. When inquiring about possible job opportunities with another company in the same industry, make sure that you are talking to people who are trustworthy enough to shut their mouths.

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