How to Deal With a Difficult Boss

Just like office bullies, difficult bosses exist in just about any workplace setting. Dealing with bullies seems easier compared to living life in the office in the presence of an overbearing superior. The fact that your boss is the one who has control on whether you will stay or leave the company does not make it less troubling. The truth is, there is very little you can do when it comes to your boss’ behavior. You can’t correct his behavior, but there are strategies that you can employ to make it easier working with your boss.

  • Always have a contingency plan

Face it, things can go from bad to worse when it comes to dealing with a difficult boss. You may aim to smooth things out between the two of you but he may not be receptive to the idea as you are. A contingency plan (meaning another job offer) will be needed for this type of situation. This will save you from unexpected unemployment if ever the boss decides to fire you for reason, which can be valid or not.

  • Avoid being emotional

People in power love to attack another person by appealing to where it will hit the most. Emotional attack is one of the most effective assaults that one can do to another person. If your boss results to this low-handed method, try your best not to show that you are affected. When he criticizes you on your work and behavior, all you have to is apologize and explain yourself if necessary. DO NOT cry in front of the boss.

  • Make sure you are doing a great job

It’s just like lying; it is harder to defend yourself if you are veering far away from the truth. Before you hate your boss for criticizing you non-stop, evaluate yourself first and find out if criticisms do have a basis. If you are sure that there’s nothing wrong with your performance, then you can defend yourself with conviction every time he decides to bring you down.

  • Always have proof

You may have to report your boss to higher management if things will go out of control. You should do this only as a last resort. If you do plan to go ahead with it, make sure you have proof of your boss’ bad behavior and unfair treatment of you. Solid proof will protect you if ever your boss will decide to file a complaint that will counter yours.

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