How to Choose the Right Necktie

A man’s wardrobe will not be complete without at a set of neckties that can go with his dress shirts. A necktie makes business attires more professional and formal attires more dashing. There are many kinds of ties made for certain shirts and occasions. Great consideration should be made when it comes to selecting the right tie for an outfit. Here are some practical tips that will help you choose the right tie.

1.Choose ties with quality fabric

The fabric is what makes a necktie cheap or expensive. Silk ties are ones with the highest quality. It may cost more but the cash is worth it. Silk ties are durable and have that glossy quality which makes an outfit more polished and put-together.

2. Choose the right length

Length can make or break your whole attire. The right necktie length is determined by a person’s height. It’s very simple: a tall person will require a long tie and a diminutive person will do fine with a shorter one. Once tied around the neck, the triangular point of the tie should meet the belt buckle. The tip may extend a half inch past the belt line.

3. Choose the right color

The color of your tie should complement the color of your shirt. Color coordination should be at work here. Any color of tie can be worn on plain white dress shirts. For colored shirts, you should create a contrast. So if you have a light shirt, you should match it with a dark tie and vice versa. You can also wear a tie the same color as your shirt provided that the shirt is darker or lighter than the tie. Striped and checkered shirts should be paired with a tie that matches the stronger color of the checks or stripes.

Note: The different ways of How to tie a tie videos and photosare in the linked phrase.

Enjoy your crisp cool look in the way you tie your tie!

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