How to Check Out a Hoax

The internet is a great way to breed and spread scams because it is so easy to send e-mail messages to hundreds of people with just a push of a button. Your inbox may contain a number of hoaxes that can be amusing and downright annoying at the same time. It's nice if you immediately identify it as a hoax, but what if you did not? Some of these hoaxes are so nicely done they can fool a lot of unsuspecting people.

To make yourself an expert in identifying hoaxes, check out some of the most common hoax scenarios that have invaded the internet.

– The one that promises to give a fantastic freebie
This is probably the most common hoax of all. Banners will suddenly pop out in your screen and asks you to click and answer a few questions. In return, they promise to give you a new laptop or mp3 player. They will ask for personal information such as your phone number and e-mail address. The shady individuals behind these will start flooding your inbox with ads and junk mail and will start calling your home and try to sell you stuff.

– The one that contains a hidden virus
An e-mail that gives you information about a popular news item or event asks you to click on a video or attachment which promises to make you see something awesome. Now if this e-mail did not come from a reputable source, chances are that video or attachment contains some intrusive adware and pretty nasty viruses that create havoc in your computer.

– The one that gives away spectacular coupons
Websites or pop-banners will offer you loads of coupons for free items. It can be a free meal or free software. You have to use your common sense for this one. If you think the offer is too good to be true, then it probably is a hoax.

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