How to Be an It Girl

Nowadays, beauty is not enough to sustain the attention of men. There are lots of beautiful women out there, but not all of them have that special factor that makes them stand out among their equally-pretty peers. Those special women are considered “It Girls,” who have that amazing capability to captivate just about anyone. If you want to belong to this group of fantastic females, here are their trade secrets:

  • They have a signature style

Majority of the It Girls don’t really follow the latest fashion trends. They make sure that their looks are updated, but they are rarely slaves to fashion. Rather, this women have mastered of creating a look that’s totally their own. It could be funky, pretty or even weird, but whatever the look is, these girls can surely pull it off with dramatic aplomb.

  • They are all about confidenceli>

Some of the It Girls are not that technically beautiful to begin what, but they make up for their physical imperfections by having loads of self-confidence. They make people believe in them because they believe in themselves big time. They radiate a self-assured aura that draws in the boys.

  • They are actually approachable

Yes, their gorgeousness can be intimidating, but you’ll be surprised that most of these girls are actually approachable. It Girls exude a friendly, down-to-earth air that charms the pants off everyone.

  • They have an air of mystery

These girls know that revealing too much will kill people’s curiosity about them, so they always develop a subtle and mysterious allure that can get people even more interested in them.

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