How Not to Handle a Customer Query

My boxing article reminds me of the last time I watched A Pacquiao bout. Having just decided to be a stingy fan, I browsed the cable channels for the schedule of the delayed telecast. Unsuccessful, I dialed the customer service number of my cable service provider. After the a few rings, an automated voice recording guided me through the basic options and after waiting for about 5 minutes, I felt very lucky to have gotten a live operator.

Here's how the conversation transpired…

Operator: Good morning, how may I help you?

Me: Good morning, I just would like to ask the channels that will be showing the Pacquiao match.

Operator: May I have your name please?

Me: This is JD Cruz

Operator: (sound of typing) Mr. Cruz, Will you please spell it?

Me: J…. D…. C r u z.. But wait, if it's the subscriber's name that you are asking, it's my Mom and her full name is ___________

Operator: (typing) __________

Me: Yes, that's it.

Operator: May I have the address please?

Me: It's No # _____, ______, ______ Makati

Operator: (typing) # _____, ______, ______ Makati

Me: Correct.

Operator: Your subscriber number please?

Me: I don't know. I don't have the bill with me

Operator: Sir?

Me: Well, you see.. I am not the one who keeps it.

Operator: We need to know that, sir.

Me: Well, this is not my house, it's my Mom's. Well, I will inherit it someday but right now, it's hers and she's asleep and I don't want to wake her up.

Operator: Sir?

Me: Wait a minute….. STOP!!!!!

Me: I only want to know what channel will be showing the bout. What is so difficult with it? What's your name again please?

Operator: Ah, sir… it will shown on Channel 7

Me: Thank you.

That was a perfect way to ruin a boxing fan's Sunday. Calling only to ask a simple question, I was led to a barrage of questions and the operator appeared unwilling to give the answer had I not sounded irritated and ready to file a compliant.

Is there a law that penalize those who waste customers' time?

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