Hey Joe! The life of an Amerikano in the Philippines

Wazzup Manila! I just got here 6 months ago. I love a lot about my life here and the Filipino people that I have met, but there are things here that drive me crazy. Some I am getting used to. I don't even complain about the traffic any more.

My journey started on the Internet. A friend of mine told me that I should get a girl friend, so I signed up for one of those internet match making sites and oh la la, did I get one! I married her and that is another story in it self.

The thing that never ceases to amaze me is that in a city of 14 million people I still stand out! In America there are many different nationalities including many Filipinos.No one will notice you if you are from another country. But here! Everyday when I walk down the street someone will inevitably yell “Hey Joe”! My wife says ignore them but a lot of times I feel compelled to say something. Usually I say “What's up man?” and immediately wish I hadn't. Today some young boys were yelling “HEY JOE!” and I turned around and said “I'M NOT JOE! Who is this Joe?” This amused them very much.

You know I really don't think I am that much different from anyone else. So when you see me on the street just say “Wazzup' up Man?”! And I will just say “Wazzup' Jose!

Till next time, Joe

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