Health Benefits of Wine

Now there is a more valid reason for us to indulge in a delicious glass of wine. Aside from drinking it for social purposes, studies have shown that moderate consumption of wine is actually beneficial for the health.

Researchers have discovered that the incidence of heart disease is less among wine drinkers. Europeans can be cited as an example in this case. Lots of countries in Europe consider wine-drinking as an important part of their lifestyle, not only because they normally drink wine during social functions, but they also believe that wine is good for the body. The French, for instance, have higher rates of smoking and are fond of eating foods that are rich in fat, but surprisingly, they have lower rates of heart disease. According to the studies, this could be attributed to the fact that the French consume more alcohol, particularly wine, compared to the people in the U.S. Also, the foods consumed by Europeans have more natural ingredients such as olive and oil and garlic, which bring health benefits similar to wine.

Wine contains several compounds that can help prevent heart diseases. These compounds include antioxidants such as bioflavinoids and resveratrol. These compounds have the potential to lower the amount of bad cholesterol in the body and increase the amount of good cholesterol.

The researchers stress that the healthy benefits of alcohol can be enjoyed if one consumes alcohol in moderate amounts. The right amount of wine consumption will vary from person to person. There are several factors, such as weight and metabolism that determine how much alcohol a person can take. Some can drink only a glass or two a day, but there are some who can have a bottle daily without causing serious repercussions to his health. Also, there are people who are more prone to alcoholism than others, so it is important to be aware of what is enough and what is too much. Alcohol abuse can lead to health problems such as liver damage.

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