Have Fun With Your PC While Feeding The World’s Poor

Further to the current global food and rice shortage, here is a fun way for people to help distribute rice and feed the world's hungry. One only needs to visit www.freerice.com and play its simple vocabulary games. Before getting turned off, may we inform you that the site requires no registration. All that one needs to do is go to the site and start clicking.

Help end world hungerClick the banner (left)to have fun while earning rice for the needy.

A word will be shown together with a list of four possible synonyms. A player simply needs to click on the probable synonym. Freerice.com will donate 20 grains of rice for every correct answer. The player can keep on playing and sharpen his English vocabulary while earning rice for the world's needy.

Freerice.com donated 75,027,880 grains of rice donated yesterday and has already accumulated over 39 billion grains donated to date.

The free rice program is made possible by the website's corporate advertisers.

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