Flowers For Mother’s Day

The upcoming Mother's Day reminds me of a shopping adventure that I went through a few years ago. A friend, who has just migrated to the US, sent an email asking me to send a bouquet of flowers to her Mom and Mother in law as a way of conveying his appreciation for both of them. My friend wrote that he will send the money to pay for the expenses but I decided to shoulder it as a way of thanking him and his wife for the truckloads of beer that we shared together through the years.

Since it was just two days prior to Mother's Day, I didn't immediately realize how difficult and costly it was going to be. From the office, I searched the phonebook and made some calls. To my dismay, most of the flower shops have run out of stock or were only left with the most expensive floral arrangements. Challenged like a seasoned shopper, I spent half the following day browsing the telephone directory for flower shops in Metro Manila and making calls. I even took out old copies of the yellow pages. I figured that the most popular flower shops are probably fully booked but the less known stores should be able to accommodate my needs and most importantly, at my price.
Much to my delight, I found a small flower shop along Bo Capitolyo in Pasig that had precisely what I wanted- nice flowers, delivery service and low price. I immediately placed my order and drove to the place. The flower shop was at the ground floor of a 2 storey apartment and I surmise that the owner lived on the second floor. I was shown photos of their products and finding it in order, I paid, drove towards the Podium to meet up with my friends and use the day's savings for a few buckets of cold beer. Needless to say, I went home drunk and happy!

The following Monday, my friend wrote that his Mom and Mother in law called and were both very pleased with the followers that I sent. Mission Accomplished!

For you my dear friends, shopping for flowers this Mother's day need not be as difficult as my experience. Just type and search using the keywords “PRODUCT LOCATION” (eg. Flower Makati) and that will be it. The directory is regularly updated with more merchants being added every day.

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