Explosion in a Jumbo Jet: Drama Captured on Video (Here)

Mid Air Aircraft Drama

Tension gripped the Manila International Airport as the pilot of a Qantas Boeing 747 requested that a runway be completely cleared for an emergency landing. The plan was for the giant plane to immediately brake upon landing, instead of taxiing the runway, due to a hole in its side caused by a loud mid air explosion. Due to the crew's superb handling of the passengers and the aircraft, landing was smooth and all the passengers were unharmed.

The drama was clearly captured on amateur video and is posted below. Immediately after the video is a syndicated article pointing to possible causes of the near disaster. It is reported that the aircraft has a history of corrosion but recently underwent a major refurbishing. Terrorist angles are also being checked but the most dominant theory seems to be faulty aircraft maintenance.

Post Disaster Article: History of Corrosion

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