Dangerous David Diaz “The Lion Hearted”

After the Pacquiao vs. Diaz fight that also knocked down our servers(34 times), so much praise is being directed towards Manny Pacquiao. As for his opponent, people previously had a handful of not so nice things about him. But yesterday, they realized the stuff that makes the man and changed their minds. They now know that the man eats steel bars for breakfast.

Some previously said that his climb to the top was never with any serious challenge. They added that he badly needs to fight a proven boxer to be able earn his stripes. But after seeing (yesterday) what kind of heart this guy has, they realized that he is far from being second rate. They may hit him with more than enough to kill a bull, but this man will keep on coming and tear them down when they have become weary.

David Diaz was molded to become one of the world’s finest athletes. Starting as an amateur, he won several boxing titles and was selected to represent the United States in the Olympic games. The discipline learned in the Olympic team made him what he is now. Even when enemy bombardments were accurate and heavy, he never backs down. In one of our particles prior to the match, we observed that when in combat, there is only one direction that he takes- forward. That precisely is what he did yesterday. He gallantly advanced , absorbed all blows and never yielded any ground until it was pulled from his feet. It was observed that the blows he got was enough to kill a stallion.

As a true warrior, he never engaged in trash talk. He began this campaign with praises for the opponent during press conferences. He also ended it with the same- nice words for Pacquiao and a humble admission of defeat. That is the kind of sportsman that kids should see on Television. Most of the others should be exiled to the pay per view adult channels.

Pacquiao vs. Diaz

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