Known as the diving mecca in Mindanao, Dakak Beach is the most famous tourist attraction in Zamboanga del Norte. The beach is surrounded by Sulu Sea on the western side and mountains on the eastern side. Unlike some of the beach destinations in the country, Dakak can be enjoyed all year-round because of its great location; it is encircled by a large island, which acts like a shield against typhoon belts.

Dakak is a picturesque paradise of powdery white sand, clear blue waters, magnificent sunsets and abundant coral reefs. This makes Dakak a haven for divers. There are several excellent diving spots in the area, where coral growth and a wide assortment of marine life are waiting to be discovered. Some of the dive sites worth checking out are the following:

  • Mushroom Wall

The Mushroom Wall is a shallow roof area which is 10 feet high. The wall is covered with sponges, corals and has small ledges and crevices.

  • Cesar’s Reef

Divers can find fishes such as the large Napoleon Wrasses, parrot fish and tuna. Schools of different varieties of fishes such as snappers, barracuda, surgeon fish and sting-rays can also be seen here. Cesar’s Reef is recommended only for experienced divers.

  • Liuay Rock

The Liuay Rock boasts of a good selection of invertebrates. It also has several starfish species and nudibrachs. This site is ideal for novice divers and check-out dives.

If you plan to visit Dakak, you can stay at the Dakak Park Beach Resort, one of the premiere resorts in the country. Aside from the private beach, the resort also has a natural plant and animal reservoir and 15 hectares of wooded land. Guests can enjoy the natural luxury of spring water in the resort’s pools. After a long day of exploring the beautiful sites of Dakak, you can dine on succulent, freshly-grilled seafood dishes. Or you can have a rejuvenating bath at the open air jacuzzi and sauna.

Dakak Park Beach Resort is located at Barangay Taguilon in Dapitan. To get to Dakak, you can take a plane from Manila to Dipolog City. If you are coming from Cebu, there are connecting flights offered to Dipolog. From Manila, it will only take less than an hour to get to Dakak.

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