Consoling a Jobless Friend

Times are tough, and with the number of companies who are cutting off jobs and laying off people, it’s not impossible that you will have a friend or two who have become unemployed. Losing one’s job is a sensitive topic and should be handled with care. Calling him a bum is not the way to go about it. Here are some of the things that you should do when dealing with a jobless friend.

  • Do not bug her constantly about her status

Of course you care about her being jobless, but you should not add to her misery by constantly reminding her about it. It’s understandable to ask details the first time you heard about it, but do not bug her about it. Do not give her that “Did you find a job yet?” bit every time you see or talk to each other. She would not appreciate being reminded about gravity of her situation.

  • Restrain the urge to spread the news

To most of us, it may not be a big deal if people find out that we have been laid off. But there are some people who get embarrassed when being labeled as jobless. Your friend could be one of them. Do not take chances with her trust and avoid mentioning the news to your other peers. They may find out about it eventually but at least they did not hear it from you.

  • Be careful when expressing sympathy

While expressing sympathy is truly just your way of showing that you care, your friend may not take it the same way. There are people who do not want pity no matter how pitiful or dreadful their situations are. It’s fine to say you are sorry for her misfortune. But draw the line when it comes to giving her money. Unless she asks for your help voluntarily or she REALLY needs it, do not offer financial assistance.

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