Charice PemPengco and Andrea Bocelli Sings “The Prayer”

This 16-year-old wonder keeps on getting harder and harder to ignore by the day. Captivating audiences at the Paul O'Grady show in London and the Ellen de Generes Show, she went on to rouse the crowd in Oprah and similarly popular shows in Korea and other countries.

Thanks to a fan that uploaded a video of an unknown Charice Pempengco in Youtube and greater thanks for the digital technology that gave justice to the quality of her performance. From an internet video that got 13 million hits, she worked her way to fame and the famous David Foster concert where the great maestro Andrea Bocelli heard her sing. He asked to be brought to the back stage and be the first one to greet her. During the short pleasantries, business cards were exchanged and not long after, Charice was invited to perform in the maestro's birthday concert in Italy.

As expected, she gave warmth to the cold hills of Tuscany that evening and until now, people are still talking about her. Until her next performance and before a clearer video can be made available, here is Charice Pempengco with Andrea Bocelli, in an excellent rendition of “The Prayer”.

Note: The audio/video is shaky in the beginning but eventually becomes steadier.

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