Career Tips for the Teenager

Thinking about one’s future career should start as early as high school, when teenagers are just a couple of years away from going to college. Teens should find the time amidst their busy social lives to think about what they might want to do for the rest of their lives. To give them a headstart, here are some tips that will help you guide them in deciding their future careers.

1. Make a solid plan

This is the perfect time to research about the possible careers that they can have with their interests and skills. They should also get information about which jobs garner high incomes and which occupations are in high demand right now. This is also the right time to scout for colleges and universities that can provide excellent training for those specific careers.

2. Make sure to finish high school

Plans will go caput if your teenager does not finish high school. True, there are some people who went on to become rich and famous even without the aid of a high school diploma, but these success stories does not happen everytime or to everyone. Most employers require at least a high school diploma for vocational jobs. Remember that it’s hard enough for college graduates to get a job; imagine how much harder it will be for high-school dropouts.

3. Acquire experience as early as possible

It would help tremendously if he gets experience from part-time jobs, internships and workshops that are related to his potential career. Experience is priceless. Not only will he get a feel of what his future career would be like, it would also look good on his resume.

4. Let them hone their computer skills

You may not like the idea that your teenager is spending lots of time on his computer, but it can actually be good for his development. Majority of jobs nowadays require basic computer skills. It would be best for them to train themselves in as many computer applications as possible. Even those Facebook and Multiply sites can help them. They can get to know people who share the same interests they have and can open the door for countless opportunities.

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