Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the world. A lot of women wish to have bigger breasts because they believe that it will improve their appearance and boost their self-confidence. Breast augmentation is a generally safe procedure, and more and more women are having their breasts done. Before going through the procedure, it is important to know what the surgery entails and the possible risks of having breast implants.

Women decide to have breast augmentation usually for aesthetic reasons. Most patients simply want their breasts to be bigger. The procedure can correct unequal breast size (one is bigger than the other). The surgery can also reconstruct the breasts after surgery for cancer. There are also women who have breasts that are too big for their frame and actually want them smaller, thus the need for surgery.

Advances in technique and technology have made breast augmentation perfectly safe for most cases. However, just like other surgical procedures, there are still risks that patients should be aware of when it comes to having breast implants. Some of them are:

– The possibility of having more than one surgery
You may need another surgery in the future because you may require implant replacements or have it removed them completely.

– Breast implants can rupture
Blunt-force injury can cause the implants to rupture, which will cause the fluid to leak to the breast and surrounding tissues.

– Infection
Implants can sometimes cause infection in your breasts. Complete removal of implants is usually necessary to eliminate the infection.

Before going through surgery, you have to be aware of several factors:

– Breast implants are not permanent
At some point, your implants will have to be replaced or removed

– Breasts will still sag post-pregnancy even with implants
Having breast implants will not prevent your breasts from sagging after giving birth. You may require corrective procedure to rebuild the shape of the breasts

– Medical insurance do not cover breast augmentation
Unless it is medically necessary, most insurance policies do not shoulder the costs of breast implants. Be prepared for additional costs of having the procedure.


There are two types of implants: saline or silicon. Your surgeon will determine the type of implant that is best for you.

The surgery involves making an incision in either the breast fold, around the nipple or under the arm. Your breast glandular tissue from the muscles and the connective tissue of your chest will then be separated to create a pocket in the pectoral muscle. The implant will be inserted in this area.

After Surgery

You will experience soreness after the procedure. You will need prescription painkillers to relieve of the discomfort. Some women can resume their normal routines just days after surgery, but some require more time to rest and recover. Most surgeons use absorbable sutures so you probably do not need to go back to have stitches removed. You need to wear a sports bra or use compression bandage to support your breasts during recovery. Swelling, tenderness and bruising is natural while healing.

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