At Enchanted Kingdom, Unleash The “OTAKU” in you!

The country's first world-class theme park Enchanted Kingdom (EK) suits up for “OtakonEK 2008”, a pop culture festival of anime, toys, manga, movies, video games and cosplaying.

“Otaku” is the Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, particularly anime and manga. Self-confessed “otaku’s” or one who is into “otaku-watching”, may come to EK on September 28, 2008 and enjoy live band performances, exhibits, collectible retail booths, gaming competitions, trivia and singing contests.

Looking for the perfect excuse to wear a costume even before Halloween? EK provides this opportunity with cosplaying! Guests who come in their “otaku” costume from a character in animation, comics, toys, gaming, TV or movies may enter the park for FREE provided they pre-register online at before September 28, 2008 or register at the park gate near the Group Sales Office on the event day itself from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. EK reserves the right to refuse free entrance to those who do not meet the criteria and to those who do not meet the park's standards for wholesome and safe entertainment.

Unleash the “otaku” in you this September! Be part of the excitement and come to Enchanted Kingdom where the magic stays with you!

Inquiries may be directed to the Enchanted Kingdom Marketing Department at (632) 812-7232 their website at

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