Asserting Your Independence with the Right-Hand Ring


A woman usually sports a beautiful diamond ring when she is engaged to be married. The huge rock on her left hand came courtesy of the man who wishes to spend the rest of his life with her. Diamonds are definitely a girl's best friend, and most of us have to wait to be engaged before we can get to wear a gorgeous diamond on our finger, or so they lead us to believe.

Today’s strong and independent women will have none of that old-fashioned approach towards pricey blings. Lots of single women nowadays are buying their own expensive beautiful rings and wearing them on their right hands – they don't need men to buy one for them, thank you very much. A right-hand ring is more than just an expensive accessory; it's a symbol of independence, strength and style. It's an assertion that a woman does not need a man to get what she wants; she can buy her own ring, using her own money, and she doesn't care about her single status.

Aside from the fact that left-hand rings are for engagements, what is the difference between a right-hand ring and a left-hand ring?

Right-hand rings do not focus on a single stone as its main design. Unlike the left-hand ring which usually has one big stone in the center, a right-hand ring has many diamonds that form an intricate design around the band. Also, right-hand rings can be made with high quality stones such as moissanite and cubic zirconias instead of real diamonds. This does not lessen the significance of wearing a right-hand ring.

For independent women who can afford to buy her own diamond jewelry, a right-hand ring is the best accessory to show the world what they are made of. The right-hand ring proves that any woman, no matter her status, can take care of herself.

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