De la Hoya Vs. Pacquiao “Dream Match”: Pre Fight Analysis and Live Coverage

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Armed with lessons learned from the highly successful Pacquiao Vs. Diaz fight. WazzupManila prepares to cover the upcoming dream match.

With barely a month to go before the De la Hoya vs. Pacquiao “Dream Match”, has started to give minute by minute updates regarding the state of both fighters.

Pacquiao – De la Hoya Pre Fight Analysis

At this point, “Golden Boy” Oscar De la Hoya is perceived as the stronger and taller fighter with the bigger ability to absorb punches. The much shorter and lighter Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao however, is widely acknowledged to be faster, more agile and has more stamina. Should the fight last the distance, a Pacquiao victory on points is predicted. On the earlier rounds however, De la Hoya is seen to be more dangerous among the two and he is expected to use his reach and height advantage to inflict that knockout punch.

There are doubts whether Pacquiao's strength would be enough to inflict damage against the much bigger De la Hoya but Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach assures that they have more than enough. In fact, Roach predicts a win via knockdown within 9 rounds. Pacquiao also bared his strategy to use his strength and attack the ribs of De la Hoya in order to weaken him. That strategy seems to be sound as De la Hoya was once downed through a punch in the abdomen.

The Pacquiao De la Hoya Video will be shown in the site, when available, just like the Pacquiao Diaz fight that was covered exhaustively in the linked page. Visit this site regularly and even during the fight night. Round by round analysis as well as blow-by-blow accounts will be posted here. The round by round updates will be uploaded after every round while spot (blow-by-blow) accounts will be instantly posted through an interface with mobile technology.

Please stay tuned all as we witness the fight of the year.

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