A taste of twilight by Haagen Dazs

Super premium ice cream brand Häagen-Dazs has partnered with Viva International Pictures for a special promo surrounding the much-awaited silver screen debut of Twilight. “A Taste of Twilight” features an exciting line-up of activities starting this November.

“We're very excited about this promotion because it brings together two great franchises we're passionate about. Häagen-Dazs ice cream is a global premium ice cream brand that celebrates ultimate indulgence while Twilight is an amazing series that has captured the imagination of so many, turning it into a worldwide phenomenon. Both franchises carry a strong imagery of mystique, subtle daring, and an intensely sensorial experience,” shares Häagen-Dazs Marketing and Distribution Philippines, Inc. Senior Marketing Manager, Jennifer Catubig-Wong.

Interest around the series has also spread like a contagion within the Häagen-Dazs team which is why excitement around the campaign is running high as the release date for the movie approaches.

The love story behind Twilight combined with the rich indulgent flavors of Häagen-Dazs resulted in three dreamy flavor combinations called “Flavors of Twilight”, sparked by scenes depicting the impossible love between a vampire and a mortal.

“Dazzled at First Sight”, the pairing of sweet Caramel Apple Crumble with Coffee is inspired by the first time Bella meets Edward. Too good a temptation to be missed, it is also partly an homage to the “apple” scene at the cafeteria and the book cover of Twilight.

“A Kiss in the Meadow” is inspired by the famous kiss between Bella and Edward that fans have been waiting to see in the movie. It's a combination of the dark velvety Belgian Chocolate and fresh-as-spring Summer Berries ice cream.

“Claire de Lune” is that unforgettable melody prominently featured in the book and the movie. It's a blend of textures – the chunkiness of Choc Choc Chip with the exotic tang of Mango and Passion fruit. All three flavor combinations will be highlighted in the leading supermarkets in Metro Manila and in all Häagen-Dazs Shops.

“The concept of the flavor combination is that if you combine these flavors, you get a very interesting flavor profile. It's the unexpected attraction of opposites. That's how we saw the relationship between Bella and Edward”, explains Catubig-Wong.

So much interest in the promotion has spread over the net. A simple search with the terms Twilight and Häagen-Dazs reveals the enthusiasm and the level of involvement of Twilight fans online, whether local or internationally.

“A Taste of Twilight” also allows Häagen-Dazs aficionados to sit back and watch Twilight for free. Every purchase of two Häagen-Dazs pints or multipacks from leading supermarkets is equivalent to a free cinema pass to watch Twilight. Every purchase worth P780 at any of the Häagen-Dazs shops also extends the same privilege.

Embrace “A Taste of Twilight” from Häagen-Dazs until December 20, 2008.

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