A Special Dinner Gathering

Fonterra Brands Philippines recently gathered the food industry bigwigs for a special dinner at the Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila. Welcoming the chefs of top-notch establishments, restaurateurs, and representatives from the culinary academe and press were Ms. Leah Barin, Fonterra's Foodservice Manager and Ms. Eileen Hortaleza, Fonterra's Business Development Manager.

Special Menu - WazzupManila.comThe intimate event was organized to demonstrate to the guests how Anchor Culinary Cream can be the perfect partner in cooking. It is a rich cream designed for hot kitchen applications, ideal for cream sauces and soups. It does not split in acid or high-heat and delivers a thick, creamy and smooth coating. Chef Glenn Austin, Continental Director of the World Association Chefs Societies (WACS) Pacific Rim, Honorary Life President of the Australian Culinary Federation, and Culinary Olympic Team Manager flew in from Australia to serve a menu he made especially for the occasion.

Over cocktails, it was revealed that Anchor Culinary Cream was awarded as the “Best New Foodservice Product” at the Fine Food Australia – an annual event in Australia that brings together buyers and sellers from around the world, showcasing the latest innovations in food, drinks and equipment. The use of the product results to increased kitchen efficiency because it achieves coating consistency much quicker. Anchor Culinary Cream contains 36% milk fat which allows it to deliver thick, creamy, and smooth sauces providing superior coating of all other ingredients. Easily noticeable is how Anchor Culinary Cream is slightly more yellowish compared with other creams. The darker tinge is due to its rich Beta-Carotene content which comes from the milk of New Zealand cows that graze and eat the natural green grass of New Zealand.

“Anchor Culinary Cream is a versatile cream and stable. It can be used to make sauces, bisques, soups and even desserts like Cream Brulee and Souffles. In all my years travel, I have never experienced such revolutionary cooking cream. I am pleased and proud to be the ambassador of this product”, Chef Glenn says.

Chef Glenn Austin- WazzupManila.comThe invitees had first whiff of the beautiful partnership between Chef Glenn and Anchor Culinary Cream as the Modern Style Waldorf Salad was served. For the next course, Chef Glenn's kitchen team whipped up Lamb Stiffado Risotto with Baby Green Peas in Parmesan Cracker. This was followed by plates of Fillet of Beef in Welsh Rarebit with Poached Beans and Roasted Prawn Bisque, which garnered a huge amount of rave. Everyone agreed that the Cream Brulee served with Stewed Fruit and Pistachio and Macadamia Biscuit gave the meal an excellent ending.

Anchor Culinary Cream is distributed by Scanasia Overseas Inc.

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