A Family of 6 in Metro Manila requires P858/day

A GMA news report highlighted the need for a family of six (in Metro Manila) to make P858 per day to be able to live decently. Out that amount, P514 is needed for food and the rest is required to take care of rent, education, clothing, transportation, water, electric bills, savings, investment and social security.

The amount mentioned in the report is validated by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) which tracks down the prices of basic commodities that are needed by every family. At present, the minimum wage in Metro Manila is P362. That means that a husband and wife team earning minimum wages will not be able to meet the minimum requirements to decently maintain a family of six.

At present, the Philippine government is seriously contemplating the amount of wage increases and non wage benefits that it will direct the employers to implement. Some economists however, are cautioning the government that an increase beyond P20 per day will lead to another round of price increases.

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