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Communicate with our readers by sharing your fresh viewpoints, excitement, talent, ideas and soon people will be stopping you in street asking for a photo and autograph!

Wazzup Manila is presently looking for people of all backgrounds who want to be Guest Bloggers! Write about dining, shopping, travel, wellness and the latest news. Share with our readers your ideas, passions and become a celebrity.


  • The article should be unique and have never been published before in any blog and have more than 250 words.
  • No rewriting of an existing article.
  • Add at least one picture and state its source.
  • The post should not have any affiliate link.
  • You can add 1 link in your own website.
  • What's in it for you?

  • Permanent Link in this site
  • Additional Blog Exposure
  • Full credits on your post by including an author box at the bottom of your post and alinkto your website.
  • How to submit?

  • Write an article.
  • Contact us to register as a WazzupManila.com article contributor.
  • Post your Article!
  • Your article will be posted once approved!
  • You can submit as many stories as possible subject to the editorial board's approval.
  • Don't be scared, it's not that hard to get approved.
  • All submissions will be posted on WazzupManila.
  • Approved submissions will not be posted without an author box, so be sure to have yourself identified!
  • Some submissions are subject to editorial changes by the publisher.
  • The featured image was randomly selected. It is an unlikely coincidence if it is related to the post.

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