Pacman Dominates & Wins via KO! (Complete Video and Coverage of the MANNY "Pacman" PACQUIAO vs. DAVID "Dangerous" DIAZ World Boxing Lightweight Championship Match)

Diaz Pacquiao

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Pacman KOed Diaz on the 9th round after inflicting heavy punishment using both left and right fists. Pacman is hardly hurt. Diaz will need medical supervision after this, in my opinion. The beating was that bad.

This is the complete Pacquiao vs. Diaz fight video:

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“He was so f$%^n fast. man. What the f—k. I mean, what the heck?”- David Diaz

Round by round updates:

Round 1: Manny lands heavy bombs from both left and right. Diaz refuses to go down but unable to land any clear shot.

Round 2: Manny demonstrates lethal effectiveness of his right jabs using it to stop Diaz attacks. Diaz is unable to land effective counters and Pacquiao’s right left combination caused a cut on Diaz’ right eyebrow.

Third Round: Diaz starts to fight back but unable to land anything worth mentioning. His absorption capacity though is tremendous. Pacquiao's left has not lost any strength with the increase in weight and his right hand now is surprisingly strong and very fast. Despite that, Diaz remains standing.

Fourth Round: Pacquiao was very fast. His punches were also very crisp. Diaz bled but still moved like he was unhurt except when Pac's right jabs found him.

Fifth Round: Pcquiao starts using his left. Diaz continues to fight back, doesn't go down but still, was unable to land or hurt the Pac.If it were against lesser mortals like Juan Manuel Marquez, the fight would have ended 2 rounds ago.

Sixth Round: Diaz started fighting with greater efficiency. However, Pacquiao was much faster and was able to evade him effectively.

Seventh & Eight Round: Pacquiao continues to hammer Diaz and by the middle of the 8th, it became clear that Pacquiao can end the game at any second. Despite was still strong and fighting but his punches were becoming fewer.

Ninth Round: Pacquiao continued to box effectively and after snapping Diaz head with a right jab, he followed with another jab and followed with a left (uppercut?) as Diaz moved his head down. Diaz fell face first and first tried to stand. He simply rolled and was flat on his back on the canvass. Pacquiao ran to his corner and upon realizing that Diaz remains down, went back and tried to help Diaz get up. Officials asked Pacman to go back to his corner and that was the end of the fight.

Pacquiao earns Asia's first 4th world boxing title and his undisputed place as the worlds pound for pound best fighter for this year.

Pacquiao has never boxed so well and most surprising is the newly found strength and speed that effectively kept Diaz at bay for most of the night.

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Barely two hours before the big fight, this is our final advice for both of them. Test the absorption capacity of the opponent to your punches and if he is weak, go for the kill.

Pacquiao Vs. Diaz (Lethal Combination): Weight in Results

Moments ago, WBC lightweight champion David Diaz of Chicago came in at 135 lbs while challenger Manny Pacquiao registered 134.5 lbs. Both made the weight and they should now be eating to gain additional poundage. Hopefully, they will not overeat and lose that much needed power, speed, agility and punch absorption capacity.

Last Pre Fight Analysis:

After a short introduction of the protagonists, a point-by-point analysis follows:


Manny “Pacman” is the hottest boxer in the world today. Now viewed as the best pound for pound (P4P) fighter after the retirement of Floyd Mayweather, Pacquiao has won 3 world championship belts and will be gunning for his 4th when he fights David Diaz.

Pacquiao is known for his fast and powerful punches and quick lunges. He has beaten at least 3 Boxing Hall of Fame bound Mexican fighters and is also known as a “Mexican Killer”, a moniker that he refuses to acknowledge, saying that only happens to be a lot of Mexican fighters and it is inevitable that he will be fighting many of them. Please scroll down for the fighter's stats.

Pacquiao started his career as a skinny fighter in the 106 lbs class but will now be aiming for the 135 lbs championship crown, held by David Diaz.

DAVID “Dangerous” DIAZ:

David Diaz started his career fighting in the heavier class (light welterweight) and fought for the US Olympic boxing team. He later went down to “Lightweight division” to become a world champion. As a lightweight, he only has one defeat and has declared to have learned from it. Judging from his unbroken string of victories since then, there is no reason to believe that Diaz had become bored and complacent (once more). On the contrary, the upcoming fight with Pacquiao will be his biggest purse so far and this win promises to provide him with a lot more. Please scroll down for the fighter's stats.


Punching Power:

An examination of past David Diaz fight videos will show that the lightweight champion is a slugger. He is a fighter who will move forward and attempt to demolish his opponent face to face. He has been successful a number of times, winning half of his 34 wins via knockouts.

Pacquiao is most known for his ability to knock opponents. Scoring 35 knockouts out of his 46 wins, he is once touted as a man who brought boxing back to the days of the Roman Coliseum for his spectacular knockouts. Whether Pacquiao will be able able to bring his speed up to this lightweight class, we are yet to find out. However, he gives his assurance claiming that he has been sparring with welterweights and has proven to still be effective.


This is the area where David Diaz is widely believed to be lacking. His past fight videos gave the impression that he is slow and simply compensates for it with his power and punching ability. Pacquiao on the other hand, is believed to be the faster warrior.

Pacquiao has shown his ability to take the punches of his opponents including Erik Morales, a man who has not so long ago knocked David Diaz. However, Diaz will be a totally heavier fighter and whether Pacquiao will be able to take his punches, we are yet to find out.

The same thing is true for Diaz. While there is skepticism for Pacquiao's ability to take Diaz's punches, there is also a throng of doubting Thomases who thinks Diaz will be reduced to a pulp by the ferocity and strength of Pacquiao.


Diaz is observed to known to move in only one direction- forward. Pacquiao, on the other hand, is not lacking in footwork.

Fight Plan:

Diaz plans to attack and match Pacquiao's every punch. He also has instructions to box it out, if ever needed. He also plans to attack during moments when Pacquiao is resting. Diaz observed that Manny relaxes and takes it easy after releasing furious punches.

Pacquiao, on the other hand, wants to bring the fight into Diaz. His coach also believes that his ward has enough power to knock Diaz cold.

My prediction?

This will be a slug fest. Pacquiao will try to knock Diaz on the early rounds and if unsuccessful, he will box and unleash powerful combinations and seriously try to finish Diaz after the 6th round. Diaz, being a well disciplined athlete, will do the same.
The fight will either be nonstop action or an exciting start and end rounds with a war of attrition in between. Who will win? What do you think?

Being a naturally heavier fighter, Diaz seem to lack the speed and agility that is very important for a fighter.

Pacquiao-Diaz: Lethal Combination – For Free

Fight fans in the Philippines can watch Pacquiao Diaz, Lethal Combination LIVE AND FREE on Channel 7 and at Solar Sports. There will also be plenty of reruns of the bout for the next couple of days after the bout. There is also a remote possibility that live and free streaming videos will posted on the internet, we shall make it available here should it occur. The only downside to watching the event for free on public channels are the commercials that will be inserted in between rounds. For those who would like to pay for an uninterrupted viewing, the cable channels are offering it on a pay per view basis. In the Philippines, reserve your slot from your cable provider as soon as possible. When I tried to inquire during the last Pacquiao Barrera match, I was told that all slots were subscribed. In the United States, the match may be viewed on HBO.

Round by round Analysis

WazzupManila is filled with boxing fans and readers may log in to view round by round updates. Please stay tuned.

Pacquiao Vs. Diaz: Lethal Combination Videos

Right after the match, we will posting videos as soon as it becomes available.

David “Dangerous” Diaz Fight Video

A preview of David Diaz and his fighting style. This guy is a slugger who likes to push forward. If Pacquiao can successfully take his blows, duck his punches or effectively evade through lateral movements, this will be a slugfest. In my opinion, he doesn’t seem to be as fast and as agile as the Pacman. However, his punches might pack enough power to knock Manny Pacquiao. We will find that out during fight night.

Manny Pacquiao Knockout Compilation Video

In this compilation, Pacquiao is the type who pushes forward and knocks his opponents with his power punches. he also seems to be faster than Diaz. On the other hand, the champion Diaz has a 2 inch reach advantage. If that will spell the difference, we will soon find out.

Paquiao (Pacquiao) by KO!

With just 26 days left before the Pacquiao-Diaz bout, preparations are in full swing in order for both partners to be in top form on the day of the match. Pacquiao is using six topnotch southpaw sluggers for sparring mates that should enable him to predict the moves of lefty champion David Diaz. Diaz, on the other hand, is also in tiptop shape. During a recent fight promotion of the Pacquiao vs. Diaz match, David demonstrated crisp shadowboxing skills to the delight of the crowd. Despite that, Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach predicted nothing less than a knockout in favor of his fighter.

After David Diaz, Pacquiao's next opponent will probably be WBA champion Edwin Valero in Macau (October 2008). In as much as his coach wants a match up with the great Hatton, the direction of both fighters will not permit such match soon.

In regard to the upcoming June 28 bout, both Pacquiao and Diaz have to contend to the disturbances related to promotions. Both prize fighters will be paid handsomely during the match and they have to do their share in drawing the public's interest. The revenue from the bout will largely come from expensive fight tickets and pay per view charges for those who will opt to watch through cable television.

As promised, this site will have a round by round analysis of the Pacquiao-Diaz match and should there be free live streaming videos of Paquiao vs. Diaz bout out there, it shall be seen here.

    Pacquiao versus Diaz: Relevant Fighters’ Statistics

Here are the relevant stats of the two warriors who will battle for the World Boxing Council’s Lightweight Crown on June 28,2008 at the Mandalay Bay Resort Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas. A round per round report will be posted in this site.

How do you think the fight will proceed? What do you think will the outcome be?

Alias Pac Man Dangerous
Stance Southpaw Southpaw
Height 5′ 6½” (169 cm) 5′ 6” (167 cm)
Reach 6 7 6 9“
Record 46-3-2, (w/ 35 KO's) 34-1-1(w/ 17 KO's)
Started Boxing Career as Professional Light Flyweight(106 lbs) Amateur Lightwelterweight – US Olympic Team (64 kg or 141 lbs)
Birthdate/Age December 17, 1978/ 29 June 7, 1976/ 31
Nationality Philippines United States
Residence General Santos City, Philippines Chicago, Illinois,USA
Birth place Bukidnon, Philippines Chicago, IL, USA

Pacquiao-Diaz (June 28) Promises To Be An Exciting Match


Note: the bout will be on a Saturday night (US time). In Manila, it will be on a Sunday morning.

With just nine days remaining prior to the big match, Pacquiao looks very much in his peak. His latest sparring rounds showed him in tiptop condition. His coach, Freddie Roach was even quoted having said that Pacquiao's punching power has even increased. At this point, there is no mention of his weight but nobody seems to be worrying about it. This is, after all a move to a heavier class, unlike the previous bouts where he had to struggle just to get down to the maximum allowable weight.

Another worrying point for me is the danger of Pacquiao reaching his peak too early. Should that happen, the Pac will be fighting at a point when his body is not in the mood to exert its best. Let us just hope that he will be in his best form come fight night.

David Diaz, on the other hand, confidently declares that he will beat Pacquiao. He pointed to an observation that Manny relaxes and rests after dishing out attacking combinations. That is one possibility that he would like to explore. Of course, there must be other angles of attack that he and his team are looking at. Let us hope that he too will be on his best during the bout. One good thing going for Diaz is the discipline that he has learned with the Olympic Team. Since he has not really fought big game bouts (he will be getting the fattest paycheck of $800,000 on this bout) and therefore, he still has the appetite for victory like a hungry lion.

This will be a big fight. Check out Pacquiao vs. Diaz for:

  1. A comprehensive Pacqiuiao-Diaz Pre fight analysis, a few days before the bout,
  2. A round by round scrutiny,
  3. Paquiao-Diaz fight videos and
  4. A Post fight round up.

Pacquiao vs. Diaz: Who’s Got the Edge?

LATEST UPDATE: Pacquiao vs. Diaz video and round by round analysis

People know what Manny Pacquiao have accomplished. They still remember the humiliation Pacquiao inflicted upon Barrera during his first meeting and a lot more saw the lopsided 2nd match that had the latter refusing to engage. And then there were others, the most notable of which are his victories over Marquez and Morales who on their own are boxing greats.

Digressing a bit, people remember Morales for moving forward, refusing taking a step back, making good an earlier word- Nunca! That made him a darling of the Filipinos who mobs him like a hometown hero. Juan Miguel Marquez, on the other hand, is now being remembered for his bad talk more than his technical fighting abilities. Riding all over town, crying over what he perceives was a bad loss, going to Pacquiao's bout and stealing the show by informally issuing challenges in front of fight fans is a trait that fat middle-aged housekeepers in comedy films do. Well, he may actually have been one in a previous life, if not heading towards that direction in the next one. Let's consult the Tibetan monks about it.

Back to regular programming, not as many people know WBC World lightweight chamion David Diaz and a lot of commentators probably think that he is a small fry. However, one should take note that Diaz is naturally a bigger man, who started in a heavier weight division and is now dominating a lighter category. In contrast, Pacquiao started as a skinny 110 lbs fighter that that like most people maturing becomes heavier and heavier. Diaz therefore, by the scheme of things, seems to be more at home in the territory that the Pac will attempt to encroach.

David Diaz started his career fighting in the heavier welterweight division and fought for the US Olympic boxing team. Later, he moved to the literally lighter “Lightweight division” to become a world champion. As a lightweight, he has only been beaten once and has declared to have learned from it. He then continued to win all succeeding bouts. The string of victories may have made him complacent, reminiscent of a Manny Pacquiao after his first victory over Barrera. But that is probably not the case. Diaz himself declares the upcoming bout as the biggest in his career, one that will take him to the pinnacle of greatness.

Pacquiao's camp likewise thinks Diaz is a multi talented fighter based on the different weapons that he used in taking down various opponents. Diaz has both speed and power that he uses depending on the opponent of the day. Filipinos can only hope that the Pac can withstand his power the way he took Marquez and Morales. If not, Pacquiao should rely on better speed and footwork that is naturally expected from lighter fighters.

One thing though, Diaz had difficulty defeating Erik Morales whom Pacquiao defeated a bit easily on their last outing. Then again, Morales seemed to have difficulty making the weight and looked severely dehydrated prior to his last bout with the Pac. During their first encounter, when Morales was in top form, Pacquiao was the one in trouble.

To top it all, Diaz is evidently the hungrier of the two. In press interviews, he dismisses any talk of a 3rd Pacquiao- Marquez fight and declares that it is his turn. He also agreed to take home the lower purse despite being the title holder in the upcoming fight. Looking at it from a business perspective, Diaz is investing, knowing that a pay cut today, will mean much bigger purses if he will win. The guy is evidently thinking way beyond the upcoming fight.

What strategy can this column dish out for the Pac? For starts, he should test his opponents punch absorption capacity. If the Pac thinks that he can knock Diaz out, he should go for it after softening him up a bit with head and body combinations. If not, he should just box his way around Diaz and keep scoring points to win the bout with a convincing unanimous decision.

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