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Upcoming Movie:

Bangkok Dangerous
Starring: Nicholas Cage
Date: September 16, Tuesday
Time: 7:30PM
Venue: SM Megamall Cinema 1


A cold-blooded hit man heads to Bangkok to pull off four jobs, and winds up falling in love with a local girl and bonding with his errand boy.

Please scroll down for instructions how to avail of the tickets.



Every week, we will be giving away 20~40 free movie premiere tickets (good for two) to selected bloggers and forum posters). The tickets are transferable to the winners' friends or family members.

The movie schedule is posted below.

Tickets may be redeemed at the office of Magic899 on the day of the scheduled screening, not later than 5PM. Movie screenings normally start at 7PM. Magic's office is at the ______ Paragon Plaza, EDSA.

Chosen blogs will be notified via email and text messages. Tickets may be won through a BLOG POST or FORUM POSTS. Please read the instructions, below:


    – Write a blog post, the format of which is enumerated below:
    – Email us at and state the url of your blog post.
    – The selected blogs will be notified through the email address used in notifying us..


Write a short post about and this Movie promo (minimum of 3 sentences for WazzupManila + another 3 sentences for this promo = minimum total of 6 sentences).

  1. In the post, use the word “Manila Philippines” and link it to
  2. In the post, use the word “Free Movie for two” and link it to
  3. In the post, use the word “” and link it to
  4. The post and links should stay on your blog for a minimum of one year.
  5. A sample post can be found in this link
  6. The links, when viewed using an html viewer, should look exactly like:
  7. – < a href=””> Manila Philippines< / a>,
    – < a href=””> Free Movie for two< / a> and
    –< a href=””>< / a>”
    (in short, we will not accept links with re=”nofollow”).


  1. Register and post at
  2. The member with the most number of posts (for the week) will be given tickets
  3. The member with the best post (for the week) will be given tickets.
  4. Notification will through the email address used when registering in the forum.


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