How to Get Along With Your Boss

Relationships between bosses and subordinates can be quite tricky. Because of the difference in your positions in the company, there are certain behaviors that should be observed whether you two are in the workplace or outside it. Those who have been friends with the boss before he got promoted may have an easier time dealing with the behavior thing. For those who have no personal ties with the boss, it can be quite daunting trying to build a harmonious relationship.

To make sure that you will get along well with the boss, here are some pointers:

  • Show your boss that you are trustworthy

Great relationships are based on trust. You have to put an effort to show your superior that you are someone he can count on. This means doing the things that are required of you and doing them well. Constant communication is the key; you have to keep the boss informed of the progress of your work and your interactions with other people in the organization.

  • The boss should be the center of your universe

This can make you skeptical, but think about it. Your success in the workplace will largely depend on how your boss sees you and your performance. He will think more of you if you are concerned with his goals and priorities, which should match yours. Align your work in such a way that it can help him achieve his goals.

  • Keep close tabs on your boss’ behavior

This is a must especially if you are working closely with your boss. You should know the appropriate time to approach him with both work-related and non-work related matters. Observe what can make your boss react positively or negatively. Know the perfect time to suggest an idea or address a concern. This can largely affect how he will consider the things that you have to say.

How to Eat Caviar

Caviar is one of the most luxurious foods in the world. These priced fish eggs came mostly from the sturgeon and salmon. Once reserved for royalty, caviar became available for the common folk. People get addicted to the light, salty taste of the eggs. But given the high price of the roes, not everyone can afford to eat caviar on a regular basis. Caviar, particularly the Russian variety, has become synonymous with wealth and luxury. The most expensive varieties of caviar came from three varieties of the sturgeon fish: the beluga, the osetra and the sevruga.

Eating caviar does not only involve dumping the eggs on a plate and scooping it up with your ordinary metal spoon. Caviar should be served over a layer of crushed ice on a bowl made of either glass, crystal or porcelain. The eggs require a special kind of spoon made especially for eating and serving caviar. It is usually made of gold or mother-of-pearl but other materials such as glass and wood can be used. One should never use a metal spoon when eating caviar; the metal will alter the much-prized taste of the eggs.

Caviar is usually eaten with plain, unsalted crackers or lightly buttered toast. There are some who prefer their caviar with a drop of fresh lemon juice. You can put garnish such as hard-boiled egg or chopped onion on your caviar.

The roes are best served with champagne or vodka. Chilled white wine will also taste great with caviar.

More tips on enjoying caviar:

  • If you are on dinner parties and they are serving caviar, etiquette states that you should only take small portions.
  • The eggs should be kept and served in the right temperature, which are 26 and 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • As much as possible, you should finish the can of caviar once you already opened. If you must store it, you should wrap the tin tightly in plastic to preserve the delicate taste.

Practical Tips on Productivity

Time is short, and every effort should be made in being as productive as possible. Not all people are gifted with the skills needed in order to make every minute of life worth it. To become more productive in all aspects of you life, here are some tips given by productivity experts.

  • Maintain a balance between life and work

Being dedicated to your work is great, but you should consistently allot a fair portion of your time for yourself. This may mean going on a much-needed vacation or going to a spa to get a massage, but ME time can just as simple as catching up on sleep. Working hard is commendable, but working too hard consistently to the point of exhaustion is not healthy for you.

  • Decide whether something is worth your time

So much to do but so little time. This is why it’s important to prioritize the things that will benefit you and will be worth your effort. Things that will waste your time should be relegated to the back seat. Better yet, do away with it for good.

  • Develop your principles

Principles are an integral part of your personality; they speak volumes about the type of person that you are. That saying, “Do unto other what you want others do unto you” may sound a tad cliché for you, but really, people will often reciprocate the way you treated them. Sticking to your principles will give you respect, and respect is something a person should always have.

Practical Tips for Better Work Efficiency

Want to make the most out of your day in the office and get all your work done? Here’s what you should do:

  • Separate the hard tasks from the easy tasks. Start your day by dealing with the tough tasks then finish the easy ones towards the end of the day. You have higher energy levels at the beginning of the day, which makes it the perfect time to tackle the most mentally-taxing jobs.
  • Do not attempt to read all your e-mail at the start of your day; you will end up reading all of them and not get any work done. Read and reply first to e-mails that you simply can’t ignore, such as the ones from your boss, then go through the rest of the lot near the end of the day, which will leave you more time in the middle of the day to do your main tasks.
  • Make a habit of setting your meetings in the early part of the week. This will make it easier for you and other people to arrange and coordinate their busy schedules.
  • Never attempt to ask for a salary raise in the beginning of the year, for your efforts will likely be futile. It is best to bring up the issue of salary raise during the end of the year, when they can already evaluate your performance. This will give them enough reason to consider your request.

Simple Home Remedies to Get Rid of Asthma


Having asthma can definitely alter your lifestyle. There are lots of adjustments that you have to do to keep the disease in check, and to make sure that it doesn't get worse. Not only do you have to take medicines regularly, but you also have to make sure that your surroundings will not aggravate or trigger asthma attacks. If you are on treatment for asthma, here are some simple home remedies that can lessen its effect in your system.

– Wash your hands regularly

Viruses can be easily exchanged through hand contact, and viral infections are the most common causes of asthma attacks. Washing your hands regularly will help eliminate the viruses that you will get from touching doorknobs, elevator buttons or currency bills. This should be done especially during the rainy season, where cold viruses linger on just about everywhere.

– Open the windows everytime you cook

Smelling the pungent odors that come from the kitchen can be another cause for an asthma attack. The smoke that rises from your frying pan or the stinging smell when you chop garlic and onions can irritate your breathing further. To avoid having an asthma attack while cooking, open the windows in your kitchen to let the smoke out. It's better if you have an exhaust fan to drive away odors out of your kitchen.

– Reduce the amount of dust mites in your home

One interesting fact: dust mites dwell on our dead skin cells, not on dust. Since we shed millions of skin cells a day, dust mites can be a common trigger for asthma. They can't be totally eliminated, but they can be lessened. To do this, you must wash your beddings and towels regularly. Fabrics have to be washed in water at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit to kill all the existing mites. To make your beddings more mite-free, you can put them in covers that are made to protect your mattresses and pillows against dust mites.

– Give your pets a bath at least once a week

Hairy pets and people with asthma don't go well together, but if you must have your pets, the least you can do to prevent them from giving you an asthma attack is to give them a regular bath. This will remove the dander (materials that fall off from animals and can trigger allergic reaction from humans) from your beloved dog or cat and will make them smell a lot better too.

– Eat lots of fish

Enjoy mouth-watering seafood dishes and help ward off asthma attacks. Dine on sumptuous mackerel, salmon and tuna at least two times a week. These fishes contain omega-3 fatty acids which help make the body resistant against inflammatory disease such as asthma.

Gaining Control of Your Finances, the Old School Way

You've been getting loads of advice on how to double your money in no time, but before you can do that, you have to get serious cash into your bank account first. The first road to financial independence is to get a decent amount of money in and making it stay there. Fancy accounting and investment ventures will have to come in later; the first thing you have to do is save your cash the old-fashioned way. No, we're not talking about dropping loose change in piggy banks.

– Know the difference between what you want and what you need

A lot of people confuse the two – they often assume that they need all the things that they want. The thing is, they'll be surprised to discover that they don't really need majority of what they've been dying to have, as in you'll survive just fine without buying it. Those who procure the latest gadgets that come out are often the ones guilty of this. It's not that they need that newly launched phone model; they just obsess incessantly about getting their hands on whatever is new.

– Know exactly where your money is going

The moment your cash comes out of the ATM, note where each centavo is being spent. This may sound a little too OC for your taste, but this is the only way to know how and where you spend your hard-earned cash. Keep all the receipts of your ATM withdrawals and the receipts of all your purchases. When you get home, list all of the amounts and see if they tally. This way, you will see how fast your money flies out of your hands, and will make you more conscious next time how you spend.

– Don't share what you don't have

You can't be a Good Samaritan everytime your friends and family asks to borrow some of your money. Don't misinterpret this one; there's nothing wrong with helping out people if you actually have lots to spare, but if your money is just enough for your basic expenses, learn how to graciously say no. Your family and friends will have to understand that you might encounter money problems later on, if you lend them what little cash you have.

Download The New Google Chrome Browser


Having been introduced to Mozilla Firefox, a few years ago, I feel quite happy that there is a powerful alternative to Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE). Netscape used to challenge IE's dominance until it went under. There are also other browsers in the market like Safari and Opera and all have strong points. But until now, it's just Mozilla Firefox followed by Opera that has posed real challenge in terms of reliability, surfing speed and protection against viruses, spyware and other types of malware.

Today, Google, the world's most popular search engine, has released the Google chrome browser that will probably go neck and neck with IE. Why neck and neck? Mozilla and Opera are both freely available and has very limited source of research and development funds. As for Google, it has been swimming in oceans of cash for quite some time now. Don't get me wrong. I like underdogs like Mozilla and Opera and I root for their successes. There is nothing like a world where technology is freely accessible for everybody. However, it is my objective prediction that Google will be among the top 2 most popular browsers in the world, within a few months.

Click here to download the new Google Chrome Browser.

Want To Work In Dubai?


The Philippines receive more than $12 billion/ year from its overseas-based citizens. While it already has many of its people overseas, the number of those wanting to leave, albeit temporarily, is much bigger.

A good number of these people, aspire to find employment in Dubai, the most popular and metropolitan state in the entire Middle East. With a rapidly expanding economy, it requires thousands of workers for its giant urban development projects. Because of Dubai's liberal treatment of its borders, ease of entry makes it a very attractive destination for foreigners seeking employment.

Despite the numerous advertisements for overseas employment, there are huge numbers who are unable to find jobs that suit their qualifications. Not wanting to sit idly, while waiting for that proverbial match, the fearless ones leave on tourist visas and go job-hunting. Every year, more and more Filipinos use that formula, inspired by the success stories passed by the victorious ones.

Contrary to popular belief, a large majority of those who use such formula fail. A lot ended coming empty handed after failing to find a suitable employment upon expiration of their visas. Overstaying is not an option because of the high risk of getting jailed or deported.

Because of these, an adventurous soul who left for Dubai on a visitor's visa, rented a place, applied for work and even leapfrogged to Afghanistan, has written a book in order to help those wanting to seek employment.

DUBAI : My Personal Guide for the Jobseekers” aims to provide a vivid picture of expectations and disappointments that can possibly be encountered by the jobseeker. It contains the author's personal experiences, practical information and insights on what Dubai has in store for the aspiring OFW. It also talked about her Afghan adventure.

The author, Karina Herrera, is a landscape horticulturist with a masters in business from the University of the Philippines. A fearless Karate black belt and avid golfer, she has, in recent years, added photography and writing to her resume. She will be contributing weekly photos to

The book is available in all Fullybooked, National Bookstore and Powerbook branches nationwide.