Starting Your High School Life

For lots of students, high school is the most exciting time of their lives. High school is where everything starts – your development from a gawky kid to a confident teenager during this stage of your education is full of exciting possibilities. High school is where lifelong reputations and images and usually made. Whether you will be a prom queen type, the nerd or the popular athlete, you will get to know that in high school.

High school can be scary because not all of your classmates from elementary will go to the same school as you. Chances are half of the faces in your classroom are new ones. They are probably feeling the same as you do, anxious, nervous and a little scared to make friends. Schools help the students get acquainted with each other by organizing freshman orientations before the formal start of classes. This will help ease the tensions between students, a lot of them strangers to each other.

Another thing of concern regarding high school is the curriculum. You will soon find out the difference of elementary and high school; suddenly, the subjects are harder and the workload is greater. Depending on what type of student you are, you should view the increased difficulty in your curriculum as a challenge that will prepare you for an even greater one – college. More often than not, it is in high school where you will discover your passion in life. Your fascination in your biology class may help you realize that you want to be a doctor. Your excellence in dance class might make you want to pursue dancing in a more professional level after graduation.

High school would not be complete without getting involved with extra-curricular activities. Take your pick: varsity basketball, cheerleading squad, theater guild, chess club, music club and student government. These activities will help lessen the pressure of studying in school.


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How to Deal With Back-to-School Jitters

Now that summer is nearing its end, students are preparing once more to go back to the classrooms, teachers and books. It’s time for them to get used to waking up early in the morning to prepare for school. Whether you are a nervous freshman or someone who has been with the school for quite a long time, you may have to deal with a case of back-to-school jitters. Don’t worry, going back to school is actually something to look forward to after the lazy days of summer.

For new students, the best way to calm the nerves is to visit the school and tour around the campus before the first day of classes. Familiarize yourself with the general layout of the grounds, and make a point to remember the areas where you will be spending a lot of your time with, such as the cafeteria, the laboratory, the gym and the classrooms. You can ask a map from the guidance councilor; he should have one. This would make your tour easier. If you have a friend who is already studying in the school, better. You can ask him to help you find out where everything is. Walk or ride with him to school during the first day if possible.

Before school starts, make sure that you have all the school supplies you need. It is best to buy your notebooks, pens and other stuff a couple of months before the first day of classes. If you buy your stuff during the last couple of weeks before school stars, you will be jostling with all the other kids and their parents who are also doing their shopping at the last minute.

It is important to make a good first impression in school. Therefore, you should take extra care when choosing the outfit that you will wear on the first day. This would not be a problem if you will be wearing a school uniform. If you plan to wear a new pair of shoes, break them in several days before the start of classes in order to avoid calluses and bruises.

How to Shop for Maternity Clothes

Aside from the obvious expenses involved in having a baby, an expectant mom will also have to shell out some cash for maternity clothes. Your tight-fitting shirts and slim pants will have to stay in the closet for a while when your belly starts to expand. Now you don’t have to be stuck wearing shapeless tents while you’re still waiting for your body to pop. There are many cute maternity outfits you can wear, and they can cost less than those expensive dresses you see in shops. Since you’ll be wearing these clothes for only a few months, maximize your budget for maternity wear. Here are the things that you should remember when shopping for maternity clothes.

  • Buy clothes in stretchy fabrics. Cotton and spandex are your best bet, and these fabrics will be durable and comfortable enough when your body starts to expand. Plus, these fabrics are great even for those with sensitive skin; other fabrics can be itchy on the skin. Pregnancy can trigger allergies and other skin diseases.
  • Invest on well-fitting bras. Your breasts will definitely grow bigger during pregnancy, and your old bras will soon be too tight for your growing pair. But don’t buy too many bras, since you’ll be wearing them for only a short while. Buy two or three pieces made of good quality fabric and support.
  • This is a good time to wear leggings. You may have scoffed at the idea of wearing them when you were still slim and not sperminated, but leggings will come in handy during your pregnancy. They are very comfortable, and it will definitely slim down your bloated legs.
  • Buy one really great-looking maternity dress even if it’s a little on the pricey side. There will be days that you will feel moody and sickly, and you will need to put on something that will make you look and feel pretty.

Do not buy clothes that are too big for you. Unless you’re having twins, your body shape will still remain pretty much the same, except for your belly and breasts. Buy empire-cut dresses that allow more room for both, but still retain the fit on your arms and upper back.

How to Tie a Neckerchief

Unlike the necktie, there are is actually no “correct” way to tie a neckerchief, unless you are in the Navy. There are different styles and different ways to use neckerchiefs. For the Boy Scouts, neckerchiefs only serve as fashion accessories. For chefs, it serves as a protection against gusts of hot or cold air that can enter the space between the skin and their uniform.

The thing is, neckerchiefs have practical uses. Neckerchiefs are originally intended to serve as protection for the neck against sunburn. They can be used to cover the nose and the mouth when hiking in a smoky or dusty area. Notice that the cowboys in Western films often use the neckerchiefs this way.

You can use a bandanna or large handkerchief if you just want to protect your neck. Fold it into a triangle and roll it slightly, then tie it into a comfortable knot in front. The appearance of your neckerchief will depend on the fabric and the way you roll it.

Now if you want a specific procedure on how to tie a neckerchief, then you should do it Navy-style. The neckerchiefs that they use look more like a cravat or a short necktie. Here's how you do it:

– Cross the right end over the left end under the point of your shirt's V
– Pull the right end up and over toward the left and cross over the left end, forming a loop
– Pull it up through the loop
– Tie a square knot and make sure that the top of the knot is even with the bottom of the V.

Remember that the ends of the neckerchief must be of the same length. You may need several practices before you get this right.

Maintaining a Positive Attitude in the Workplace

Economic troubles make a huge impact in the workplace. Everybody is afraid of losing their jobs thus creating a gloomy atmosphere in the office. Although it’s understandable to feel depressed in these hard times, you still have to exert an effort to maintain a positive attitude in the workplace. Here are some tips to keep everyone’s spirits in the office.

1. Grab this opportunity to become indispensable

Since you fear for your job so much, give them more reason NOT to fire you. If your office is laying off people, they will definitely terminate those who do not perform well. You don’t want to be among these people, do you? So make this your chance to prove your worth to your employer. Do more work and do them well. Volunteer for jobs that are left hanging and do them with enthusiasm. This will lessen the chances of you being given the pink slip.

2. Improve everyone’s morale

Initiate a little cheerleading mission and boost the morale of your officemates. Instead of talking about the situation in the office, try to change and subject and talk about something more cheerful. This does not mean you’re being insensitive. Bringing a little cheer can go a long way when it comes to productivity.

3. Maintain group camaraderie

As stressful as things are, you and your co-workers should continue doing the activities that maintain your rapport. Continue your Friday night drinks and your pizza parties. This is the time to stick together.

4. Practice damage control

Even with all your efforts, still you can never tell if you are destined to go out the door. As a safety blanket, do some discreet job-hunting. Having an option will lessen the damage of being laid off, if ever that happens. Make sure to keep this private; it won’t look good with your current employer if they discover that you’re thinking of jumping ship.

Career Tips for the Teenager

Thinking about one’s future career should start as early as high school, when teenagers are just a couple of years away from going to college. Teens should find the time amidst their busy social lives to think about what they might want to do for the rest of their lives. To give them a headstart, here are some tips that will help you guide them in deciding their future careers.

1. Make a solid plan

This is the perfect time to research about the possible careers that they can have with their interests and skills. They should also get information about which jobs garner high incomes and which occupations are in high demand right now. This is also the right time to scout for colleges and universities that can provide excellent training for those specific careers.

2. Make sure to finish high school

Plans will go caput if your teenager does not finish high school. True, there are some people who went on to become rich and famous even without the aid of a high school diploma, but these success stories does not happen everytime or to everyone. Most employers require at least a high school diploma for vocational jobs. Remember that it’s hard enough for college graduates to get a job; imagine how much harder it will be for high-school dropouts.

3. Acquire experience as early as possible

It would help tremendously if he gets experience from part-time jobs, internships and workshops that are related to his potential career. Experience is priceless. Not only will he get a feel of what his future career would be like, it would also look good on his resume.

4. Let them hone their computer skills

You may not like the idea that your teenager is spending lots of time on his computer, but it can actually be good for his development. Majority of jobs nowadays require basic computer skills. It would be best for them to train themselves in as many computer applications as possible. Even those Facebook and Multiply sites can help them. They can get to know people who share the same interests they have and can open the door for countless opportunities.

Consoling a Jobless Friend

Times are tough, and with the number of companies who are cutting off jobs and laying off people, it’s not impossible that you will have a friend or two who have become unemployed. Losing one’s job is a sensitive topic and should be handled with care. Calling him a bum is not the way to go about it. Here are some of the things that you should do when dealing with a jobless friend.

  • Do not bug her constantly about her status

Of course you care about her being jobless, but you should not add to her misery by constantly reminding her about it. It’s understandable to ask details the first time you heard about it, but do not bug her about it. Do not give her that “Did you find a job yet?” bit every time you see or talk to each other. She would not appreciate being reminded about gravity of her situation.

  • Restrain the urge to spread the news

To most of us, it may not be a big deal if people find out that we have been laid off. But there are some people who get embarrassed when being labeled as jobless. Your friend could be one of them. Do not take chances with her trust and avoid mentioning the news to your other peers. They may find out about it eventually but at least they did not hear it from you.

  • Be careful when expressing sympathy

While expressing sympathy is truly just your way of showing that you care, your friend may not take it the same way. There are people who do not want pity no matter how pitiful or dreadful their situations are. It’s fine to say you are sorry for her misfortune. But draw the line when it comes to giving her money. Unless she asks for your help voluntarily or she REALLY needs it, do not offer financial assistance.

How to Manage Snoring

Snoring occurs when air movement gets obstructed by the narrowing of your airway. A narrow airway is usually caused by poor sleeping posture or if the soft tissues in your throat are abnormal. When smooth breathing is interrupted, it results to vibration and produces the snoring sound.

Really loud snoring can cause problems to you and your partner. Occasional snoring is fine, especially if you had a really tiring day and you can’t help sounding like a freight train because of sheer exhaustion. But if you snore like that every night, it’s time that you do something about it. Either that or you get banished to another bedroom all by yourself.

There are several causes of snoring. Some are within our control and some are not.

  • Heredity – the physical attributes related to snoring can be inherited
  • Age – the throat become narrower as you age, so the older you get, the higher the chances that you will snore
  • Respiratory problems – people with asthma, allergies and sinus infections are often prone to snoring
  • Gender – Men are more likely to snore because they have narrower air passages compared to women
  • Sleeping posture – some positions restrict proper breathing

There are simple remedies that you can do to help lessen your snoring. You can sleep on your side and elevate your head before during bedtime. You can also lessen your alcohol intake and the number of medications that you take every day. Weight can also be an issue. Losing extra weight often helps keep snoring under control.

Severe snoring problems require medical attention. The doctor can prescribe cures and treatments to help eliminate snoring.

How to Get Along With Your Boss

Relationships between bosses and subordinates can be quite tricky. Because of the difference in your positions in the company, there are certain behaviors that should be observed whether you two are in the workplace or outside it. Those who have been friends with the boss before he got promoted may have an easier time dealing with the behavior thing. For those who have no personal ties with the boss, it can be quite daunting trying to build a harmonious relationship.

To make sure that you will get along well with the boss, here are some pointers:

  • Show your boss that you are trustworthy

Great relationships are based on trust. You have to put an effort to show your superior that you are someone he can count on. This means doing the things that are required of you and doing them well. Constant communication is the key; you have to keep the boss informed of the progress of your work and your interactions with other people in the organization.

  • The boss should be the center of your universe

This can make you skeptical, but think about it. Your success in the workplace will largely depend on how your boss sees you and your performance. He will think more of you if you are concerned with his goals and priorities, which should match yours. Align your work in such a way that it can help him achieve his goals.

  • Keep close tabs on your boss’ behavior

This is a must especially if you are working closely with your boss. You should know the appropriate time to approach him with both work-related and non-work related matters. Observe what can make your boss react positively or negatively. Know the perfect time to suggest an idea or address a concern. This can largely affect how he will consider the things that you have to say.

How to Eat Caviar

Caviar is one of the most luxurious foods in the world. These priced fish eggs came mostly from the sturgeon and salmon. Once reserved for royalty, caviar became available for the common folk. People get addicted to the light, salty taste of the eggs. But given the high price of the roes, not everyone can afford to eat caviar on a regular basis. Caviar, particularly the Russian variety, has become synonymous with wealth and luxury. The most expensive varieties of caviar came from three varieties of the sturgeon fish: the beluga, the osetra and the sevruga.

Eating caviar does not only involve dumping the eggs on a plate and scooping it up with your ordinary metal spoon. Caviar should be served over a layer of crushed ice on a bowl made of either glass, crystal or porcelain. The eggs require a special kind of spoon made especially for eating and serving caviar. It is usually made of gold or mother-of-pearl but other materials such as glass and wood can be used. One should never use a metal spoon when eating caviar; the metal will alter the much-prized taste of the eggs.

Caviar is usually eaten with plain, unsalted crackers or lightly buttered toast. There are some who prefer their caviar with a drop of fresh lemon juice. You can put garnish such as hard-boiled egg or chopped onion on your caviar.

The roes are best served with champagne or vodka. Chilled white wine will also taste great with caviar.

More tips on enjoying caviar:

  • If you are on dinner parties and they are serving caviar, etiquette states that you should only take small portions.
  • The eggs should be kept and served in the right temperature, which are 26 and 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • As much as possible, you should finish the can of caviar once you already opened. If you must store it, you should wrap the tin tightly in plastic to preserve the delicate taste.