Marriage Quotes That Help You Weather a Storm

“For two people in a marriage to live together day after day is unquestionably the one miracle the Vatican has overlooked.” This observation was made my Bill Cosby and perhaps speaks more truth than humor.

Marriages come and go every day. Marriages that are happy and love filled are hard to find and even more difficult to maintain. Those who are married know it takes a constant effort to remain together and exhibit a union of love and happiness. Couples employ diverse ways to strengthen their marriage and live together in harmony.

Some find solace and strength in meaningful quotes about marriage and love. Wisdom of a wise person who has the ability to express in words how you feel can bring support and the desire to move through another day. When the day has gone bad and you feel no one understands you, particularly your spouse, evocative quotes can renew your enthusiasm and rekindle a love that’s grown cold.

Ogden Nash had good advice saying, “To keep your marriage brimming with love in the loving cup, whenever you’re wrong admit it, whenever you’re right shut up.” The winner of any argument is more often than not the first one who admits wrong and takes the blame. A wise spouse holds their tongue even though they may be right and never says I told you so.

You may be feeling like Katharine Hepburn when she said, “If you want to sacrifice the admiration of many men for the criticism of one, go ahead, get married.” This feeling often fills young couples soon after the wedding. They regret what they did and doubt marriage is for them. It was fun dating and now they’re tied to one person for the rest of their life.

If this thought has crossed your mind, remember what Pearl S. Buck said. She said, “The person who tries to live alone will not succeed as a human being. His heart withers if it does not answer another heart. His mind shrinks away if he hears only the echoes of his own thoughts and finds no other inspiration.”

Dick Gregory may have found a reason for the feeling of doing wrong when he said, “Political promises are much like marriage vows. They are made at the beginning of the relationship between candidate and voter, but quickly forgotten.” Perhaps it’s time to renew your marriage vows and pledge your love again for one another.

No doubt you’ve heard the best advice for marriage quoted many times at weddings which is taken from the Bible in First Corinthians 13. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud, it is not rude, it is not self seeking. It is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrong. Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

And as your marriage matures, whisper to your spouse the words of Robert Browning: “Grow old along with me. The best is yet to be. The last of life for which the first was made.”




Marriage Advice for Women

As the old song goes, “Thank heaven for little girls, they grow up is such a delightful way.” And, when they grow up (and even before) they’re oh so different from men. Thank Heaven for the difference. It’s the difference that leads to marriage and also the difference that leads to marriage problems.

The sooner a bride realizes her husband doesn’t think or act like she does the sooner she’ll be on the way to a happy and long lasting marriage. As a woman you probably think life could be so simple if he would just see things your way. But, you must strive to see things from his point of view as well because he probably thinks the same thing.

Men need their space but at the same time they need and even crave your attention. It’s a fine line between providing a man his space and giving him attention. You give too much attention and he claims you’re smothering him. You give him too little and you’re accused of lack of interest. It’s a wise woman indeed who can tell the difference.

Marriage is full of stress and things that have to be done. Managing a home and a husband should qualify you for any job you want. You both may work and that leaves less time for each other by the time housework is done and bills are paid. It you have children, it’s even harder.

Some men don’t handle stress well and this can be misinterpreted as lack of interest in the wife. This is not necessarily so. Don’t be shy in putting your cards on the table. You must communicate if problems are to be resolved. If you’re seriously concerned about where your marriage is going, nip it in the bud by determining when the downslide began.

Has your lifestyle changed? Ask yourself if you drifted apart soon after the children came or you began volunteering three nights a week. Are you going out with the girls too much or having them over and invading his privacy? Don’t make the mistake of comparing him with your friend’s husbands. Your husband may be humble but he likes to feel like the king of his castle.

One of women’s main complaints is that the husband is not romantic anymore. Signs that this is a problem in the making are shorter conversations and only about things that must be discussed.

He refuses to talk about dreams or long range plans. If he doesn’t call you on the phone like he used to, watch out. When the flirting is gone and the kisses get more perfunctory it’s time to take action.

Don’t allow your husband’s lack of interest in intimacy to grow. It could mean there is someone else but it could also mean that he thinks you no longer find him desirable. Most men love it when the wife is at times aggressive and becomes his lover instead of his wife.

Never forget how deeply you love your husband even if he’s asked for a divorce. It’s never too late to salvage a relationship. He can’t read your mind so tell him how you feel how much you love and need him. It may be just what he’s waiting to hear.

Going to College

If you are in junior and senior high, you are probably contemplating on what you want to do after high school. College, the last step before being a responsible adult and joining the workforce, will lead the path to your future. Selecting what course to take and which college to go to requires a lot of serious thinking on your part. There are several factors when it comes to choosing the right course and the right school for you.

By now you should be aware of what you want to do. Your few years in high school should be enough to make you know the stuff that interests you, what activities spark your passion. You should be able to determine your strengths and weaknesses by now – factors that will be huge considerations when choosing your future career. If you are a math and science genius, then you are most likely suited to these fields. If you excel in the arts more than the academics, then you should think about going towards that career.

This is where the choice of school matters. If you already decided that you are geared towards the sciences and you want to be a doctor, you should choose the school that has a specialty for the sciences. Do your research first and ask around. Your parents can help you choose the right school for your chosen course. Certain colleges and universities in the country are popular for certain specialties. For instance, University of Santo Tomas is known for nursing and medicine courses, as well as in fine arts. Ateneo de Manila is known for their excellent law education. Mapua Institute of Engineering is home to the country’s future engineers.

Lastly, you also have to consider the tuition fee. Everyone wants to get into an exclusive university, but not everyone can afford it. This is where your parents can intervene; after all, they will be the ones paying for your education. Reach a compromise with what you want and what they can afford.

Solving Manila’s Traffic Woes

I moved to Manila in July 2013 and I love it but I also noticed, due to my incredibly keen powers of observation, that we have a slight traffic problem. Many cities in the world share this but Manila is one of the worst I have ever encountered.
I am a little slow on the uptake but I did begin noticing the problem when I took one of my first jeepney rides. I spent approximately 12 minutes going from Jupiter to Buendia Street which happens to be a short block of one traffic light. Walking with crutches should take you about 2 minutes to cross, even giving you time to pickup a drink along the way.
It slowly began to dawn on me that I have a favorable solution to the traffic woes of Manila! We live in a cosmopolitan modern up and coming city. Many of you have never been to London, England and many of you have never visited Pisa, Italy. So why not let these two great cities meet and come together right here in Manila?
I am sure you are asking yourself at this point in the article…………what exactly is this guy’s point and how is he, a foreigner going to ease our traffic congestion when we have been struggling with this problem for so many years.
The Solution
Firstly, picture the famous London double decker bus and picture the famous Italian leaning tower of Pisa and VOILA! I give you the latest in Manila transit, the DOUBLE DECKER LEANING JEEPNEY TOWER.
Knowing you fine people of Manila, you understandably would want to surpass the British as well as the Italians so why not also bring in the TRIPLE and QUADRUPLE LEANING JEEPNEY TOWERS for good measure?
By stacking the rides, we can double, triple and quadruple the seats on each new Jeepney, thereby freeing up valuable road space to accommodate the multitude of taxi’s, scooters, motorcycles, bicycles, tricycles and people.
Philippines Traffic Solution
As you can see from the picture, getting in is simple and effective, just climb the 2-3 rope ladders on the back, find a comfortable seat, sit back and enjoy the fumes! Getting out is even simpler, just slide down the pole in the center of the stack from the 2nd, 3rd or 4th level.
I don’t want to get ahead of myself but should this Jeepney project work well we can start to think about adding 2, 3 and 4 levels to the MRT and LRT system as well. The one significant change I would make on the train system would be to remove the sliding doors as well as the windows so as to fit a few extra bodies during the busy rush hour times.
I really do believe that the good citizens of Manila deserve the very best when it comes to comfortable safe commuting on their city streets, don’t you?

Timeshares Everything You Need To Understand

Timeshare is now a strong worldwide industry. With over 4,000 timeshare resorts in 81 countries around the globe, the information below on timeshare will help you decide if it is the right investment for you.
Here is some basic timeshare information:
What is timeshare?
Timeshare is a form of property ownership. With timeshare the usage and expenditures of a property’s operation are shared by many owners. The majority of timeshares are vacation resort condominiums, industry leaders have also extended the timeshare model to houseboats, yachts, campgrounds, and motor homes.
Timeshare history
Timeshare and its concept were first introduced in Europe back in the 1960’s. The owner of a ski resort in the alps of France marketed his resort through the idea of “stop renting a room” and instead “buy a hotel”. The developer was successful in luring more investors, increasing occupancy rates in his hotel until the idea became so popular that other hotel owners started offering and selling timeshare properties to their clients.
How o get the Most from your Timeshare:
– pick usage time
– rent out your time
– give it as a gift
– exchange it with an owner of a timeshare in another resort.
“Time”share (the usage of a specific time or season will affect its price)
– peak season
– mid season
– off peak season
Types of Ownership
Owners may opt to choose different types of ownership of a timeshare. It can either be:
– fixed, floating and rotating weeks
Fixed ownership means that during a specific week in the resort’s calendar you own a deed to use a unit during this period of time. Example: If you owned week 32, it means that you can come back every 32nd week every year to enjoy your ownership in this timeshare resort.
Floating ownership, on the other hand, means the ownership will be specific on how many weeks you own and from which weeks you may select your stay.
For example, if your floating timeshare ownership states that you have a floating Christmas week, it means you may choose within the weeks around Christmas time to enjoy the amenities of the resort. You may be able to change the specific week you want to enjoy your ownership but it is limited within your chosen season alone.
Lastly, the rotating type of ownership allows the owner of the timeshare to rotate backward and forward in the calendar. Meaning, if this year you opt to use your ownership during week 45, next year you may use week 46 and week 47 on the following year. This is a type of timeshare ownership that allows owner a chance to fully enjoy the best weeks in the resort’s calendar.
Here is important information on timeshare ownership and something that owner should take careful note of.
Having chosen any of the type of ownership (regardless if fixed, floating or rotating), your timeshare owner is legally and contractually tied to that ownership. This means that he has legal rights, responsibilities and obligations once the contract is signed and made. It is not easily ended but it may be transferred to another owner.
How do buy or rent a timeshare?

Easy. All you have to do is choose the location or timeshare resort. The best thing to do about this step is to get more information on that specific timeshare resort that has filled you with interest. Second, choose the time of year that you like to own in this timeshare resort. Do the same in this step. Get more information so that you will be able to do a wise decision.
Remember that the time of year you are about to choose will affect how you, your partner and your family or colleagues will enjoy the vacation. Lastly, pay a one-time purchase price and an annual maintenance fee.

Timeshare hotel
Timeshare hotel

You may get more information in this timeshare buying through timeshare professionals and consultants or by researching more information yourself. This may be done through the internet. The internet is the most popular venue for getting information on timeshare and buying, renting or selling timeshare ownership as well.


2011’s most anticipated prequel “X-Men: First Class” strikes high in amperage as its opening approaches – June 2 in Phil. theaters!

“X-Men: First Class” refracts to the time when Charles Xavier aka Professor X who can control minds and Erik Lensherr aka Magneto who has the power to control magnetism are close friends who have started to discover their powers the first time. They began as closest of friends working together with other Mutants (some familiar, some new) to stop the greatest threat the world has ever known. Made to work together in a forthcoming globally critical event, a rift between them ensued in the process. Thus began the eternal war between Magneto’s Brotherhood and Professor X’s X-MEN that puts an end to their friendship, marking the beginning of their lifelong rivalry.

Matthew Vaughn directs the movie from a screenplay by Bryan Singer where we meet the young subhumans with extraordinary powers that can both save and destroy the world. Rose Byrne also joins the powerful cast as Dr. Moira Mac Taggert. Meet some more of “X-Men: First Class” extraordinary subhumans:
Sebastian Shaw played by Kevin Bacon is a force of incalculable evil who can absorb energy and re-channel it. A former Nazi collaborator whose early research altered the life of Erik Lensherr, he will stop at nothing to start a war to ensure that mutants inherit the earth.
Emma Frost played by January Jones is a telepath and close ally of Shaw. With an indestructible diamond-like skin, she can as well project her thoughts and will into another’s mind.

Raven aka Mystique played by Jennifer Lawrence is a close friend to Charles Xavier who is a metamorph – or shape-shifter – she can assume the form of any humanoid creature she chooses.

The mutant teen works hard to lead a “normal” life and hide her gifts, but the battle between Xavier’s mutants and Shaw’s forces leads her on a different path.
Hank McCoy aka Beast played Nicholas Hoult (who beat Twilight’s Taylor Lautner to the role) is a brilliant scientist with only a few mutant features until a serum unexpectedly unlocked the superhuman Beast within.
Azazel played by Jason Flemyng can teleport by opening a portal into another dimension. He is a key player in Sebastian Shaw’s plans to make sure that mutants inherit the planet.
Armando Munoz aka Darwin played by Edi Gathegi can adapt to any situation or environment – when plunged underwater, he grows gills and gains night vision in the dead of the night.

Alex Summers aka Havok played by Lucas Till (who is best known opposite Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana movie) is a fearless mutant who has the ability to absorb cosmic energy and discharge blasts from the energy.

The handsome, athletic mutant has difficulty with his impressive powers, until Charles Xavier teaches him how to harness them.
Angel Salvadore aka Angel played by Zoë Kravitz is a beautiful ex-dancer who possesses a stunning tattoo of insect-like wings, which become actual wings growing from her back, giving her the gift of flight. Her arsenal is a deadly acid, which she projectile vomits in combat.
Sean Cassidy aka Banshee played by Caleb Landry Jones has unique sonic blasts that carry him into flight. Like other young mutants, Banshee’s powers reach their full potential only under Charles Xavier’s patient tutelage – and in a battle that will have global consequences.
Questad aka Riptide played by Alex Gonzales is also Sebastian Shaw’s closest ally, Riptide creates powerful whirlwinds that can demolish buildings – and challenge even the most powerful mutants.

“X-Men First Class” is a 20th Century Fox film to be distributed by Warner Bros. in Phil. cinemas.

Salsa isn’t ballroom. Nuff said.

Seriously, all over the world dance floors are packed with all sorts of Salsa aficionados. Salsa is a street dance and its music has captivated people worldwide that most would say that they are addicted to it. Salsa has an appeal that is hard to define, that if you ask somebody why they are so into it, they would be hard pressed to say why but that they can’t go without it. It may be the music, the moves, the people, the community, or the sexiness of it.

Whatever its appeal, Salsa Fanatics Entertainment holds several Salsa Nights that gives Salseros and Salseras of all levels a fun and friendly place to gather and dance. People who walk into a Salsa Fanatics Entertainment event are always surprised that by the end of the night they are already comfortable dancing among a new set of friends.

Salsa is easy. If you can walk, you can dance Salsa. Salsa Fanatics Entertainment always holds a class around 10pm teaching the basics with a few moves thrown in for the people to play with.

Best of all the Salsa Nights have no cover charge, no entrance fee, and welcomes everyone. So we invite you to join us and see what makes Salsa so addicting.

For more information, we can be found on the web

Understanding Forex Currency Trading

Forex is the shortened word derived from two words: Foreign Exchange. The Foreign Exchange is the exchange of one currency for another. Hence, Forex currency trading is the exchange of a foreign currency. The understood part is ‘in order to make significant profits.’

Forex currency trading wasn’t always as easy to get into as it is today.
Before the barriers were broken down and tossed aside in the Forex market, smaller investors who wanted to compete in Forex currency trading couldn’t.
It was the banker’s world and wannabe traders weren’t even allowed to play on the same playground by reason of lack of funds and lack of the tools needed to find success with Forex currency trading.
By now, when you surf the Internet and see the word Forex, you may also see the words currency pair along with it. Just know that the currency pairs are what Forex currency trading consists of. You are taking pairs of currency – and they are always in pairs, never singles – and you’re either buying those currencies or you’re selling them.
Some currency pairs are more popular than other currencies and you may see those referred to as the ‘majors.’ This is information that you will need to know a lot about when you want to be a part of Forex currency trading, so learn as much as you can about currency pairs.
Learn all the currency pairs, but concentrate mainly on the ones that trade most often and then when you’re ready to start in Forex currency trading, trade only those currencies you have become knowledgeable enough to trade.
Your main focus in Forex currency trading should be obtaining a currency that is going to go up above the other currency. It’s sort of like a horse race. When you’re at the track, you want to bet on the horse that you know the history on and feel is a winner. The same principle applies to Forex currency trading. You want the pair that’s going to come in a winner.
How do you know which currency is going to come in the winner? You go over your charts, you study trends until the images are imprinted on your eyelids when you fall asleep. A strong trend is what the banks knew and followed in the beginning when other smaller investors weren’t trading and the trend is what you need to follow as well in Forex currency trading.

Before investing your hard earned money, check with the Philippines Central Bank that your Forex Broker has been authorized to operate in the Philippines.


Shawarma is a common dish from the Middle East which became popular in many parts of the world. Here in the Philippines, lots of restaurants and food stalls serve shawarma to people from all walks of life. It is essentially a sandwich made of either beef, chicken, lamb, goat or turkey. A sandwich can also have a mixture of several meat types. Understandably, pork shawarma is not served in the Middle East, but can be served in other parts of the world, including the Philippines. Pita bread is used for the sandwich, which is stuffed with cucumber, tomato, onions, shredded cabbage and the choice of meat. The ingredients will vary depending which country you are in. Predictably, Pinoys sometimes eat their shawarma with rice. The meat is cooked by placing strips of it on a spit, where the skewered meat is slowly rotated to make sure that all sides are roasted evenly. When the meat is already cooked, the server will shave some of the meat off using a large knife. The shaved meat will be retrieved from the circular tray below and stuffed into the pita bread. A serving of shawarma will not be complete without the dressing. There are different kinds of dressings available for shawarma. The common ones are the tahini, hummus and Amba sauce. The best type of dressing will depend on the kind of shawarma that you are eating. Chicken shawarma is usually served with hot chili sauce, toum or garlic mayonnaise. In the U.S., shawarma is usually sold at stalls and restaurants located near the Jewish and Arab communities. States like Chicago, Baltimore, Florida and New York are home to many Arabs and Jews, which makes shawarma a common dish in these places.

Sex Slows Manila Traffic

DPWH Director for Planning Service Melvin Navarro revealed that per the DPWH’ Metro Manila Urban Transport Integration Study (MMUTIS), Metro Manila’s traffic speed is now among the worse in Asia. Traffic in Manila moves at an average of 10 kilometer per hour at peak hours which is slightly faster than Bangkok and but 20 kilometers slower than Singapore with most other major Asian cities with speeds in between. EDSA, Ortigas Avenue, Shaw Boulevard and Roxas Boulevard are the areas most affected.

Navarro says that the sexy billboards add to the traffic slow down. “It will lessen travel speed because people slow down to get a good view of the sexually explicit billboards. There is a co-relation between the travel speed and the sexy billboards,”; Navarro alleged. Navarro said that he too gets distracted by a huge billboard of an alcohol company in EDSA where a girl with an “Egyptian two-piece attire” and “enhanced breast” beckons to motorists to give her a glance. “It’s so huge, you can’t help but look and in the thick of traffic, a split-second distraction can mean slow-down, if not accident,” he said.

Philippines Department of Public Works Secretary Hermogenes Ebane Jr. has already asked outside advertisers to remove sexy billboards. “They themselves know that some of these billboards are sexually suggestive. They (outdoor advertisers) should voluntarily remove these billboards,” said Ebdane, who admits that he too gets distracted by the sexy billboards. Earlier, Ebdane ordered Undersecretary Rafael Yabut to speed up the dismantling of illegal, unsafe and sexy billboards. Several billboard operators pulled down 20 of 37 billboards displaying indecent and immoral contents, but some of the sexually explicit billboards have remained.

It seems that potholes, non synchronized traffic lights and buses that weave and cut you off have no influence on the speed of traffic in Metropolitan Manila. In the next few weeks after the incriminated billboards are removed shall we see an increase in traffic speeds? Or, will the DPWH issue another statement giving a different reason for the worsening traffic situation.