Grounds for Annulment in the Philippines

since divorce is not available in the country, those who wish to dissolve their marriages resort to filing for annulments instead. When you have your marriage annulled, the court recognizes that your marriage was not valid from the beginning.

In order to have a marriage annulled, there should be a valid ground/s presented to the court. In Philippine law, a marriage can be annulled for the following grounds:

  • Either partner was 18 years but younger than 21 when the marriage took place, and it was solemnized without the consent of parents or guardian. There is a time limit for filing a petition for annulment. It should be done within five years after you reached the age of 21. This also allows your parents or guardians to file a petition anytime before turn 21.
  • Either partner was of unsound mind at the time the marriage took place. A petition can be filed anytime before your husband or wife dies.
  • The consent of either partner was obtained by fraudulent means. The petition can be filed within five years after the fraud was discovered.
  • Either partner was forced or intimidated to give his or her consent to the marriage. A “shotgun marriage” is a perfect example of this. The petition can be filed five years after the force or intimidation has disappeared.
  • Either partner was sexually impotent or physically incapable of having sex and there is no indication that the condition can be cured.
  • Either partner has a sexually-transmissible disease which is serious and incurable.

If you and your partner have already cohabited as husband and wife before filing for a petition, you should consult the opinion of a annulment lawyer to make sure if you can still use the above grounds for annulment to file a petition for annulment in the Philippines.

Pick the Right Diamond For Your Bride-to-Be

The highlight of every romantic wedding proposal is when the man flashes a beautiful diamond ring while he is down on his knees, asking his woman to marry him. Obviously, no wedding proposal would be complete without a brilliant piece of ice that signifies the man’s love for his beloved. So if you’re planning to stage a proposal anytime soon, you better pick the right diamond ring. Here are the factors that you should consider when shopping for the perfect ring.

1. Setting

The setting is as important as the diamond itself because it’s the one that’s more noticeable. Find out what your woman likes. If her tastes are more on whimsical and romantic side, you can never go wrong with a vintage-style setting. If she is more the sleek and minimalist type, you can choose rings with contemporary settings. Traditional settings will work best with classic and conservative tastes. Also, you have to decide whether you want a setting where you want a single diamond on the center, or one where the band is circled with diamonds. Some of the most popular settings are solitaire and cathedral.

2. Shape

The appearance of the diamond depends largely on the shape. You can never go wrong with classic shapes such as the princess-cut and the round-cut, but there are other shapes that your woman might like better. Shapes such as the marquise-cut, the pear-shaped and the radiant-cut are also bestsellers. Emerald-cut is perfect for large diamonds. Oval looks great in every finger size, and can make short fingers look longer.

3. The Four C’s

This refers to the characteristic of the diamond itself. The C’s stand for cut, clarity, color and carat. The cut refers to the diamond’s reflective qualities; the better the cut, the shinier the rock will be. Clarity refers to the absence or lack of flaws in the rock. The more flawless the rock, the more valuable and expensive it is. When it comes to color, the colorless ones are the most valued. Carat refers to the weight of the diamond. The higher the carat, the more expensive the rock will be.

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Basic Rules of an Office Romance


Majority of us harbor secret (or not-so-secret) attractions towards colleagues in the office. A lot of people will tell you that it's not wise to mix business with pleasure, but sometimes we just couldn't help it; the prospects of having a thrilling affair with somebody from the workplace is just too thrilling to pass up. Before you get hot and heavy with an officemate, here are some basic rules that you should remember.

  • Make sure that office relationships are not against HR policies

There are offices who do not allow their employees to date each other, and with a good reason; they've seen too many office relationships gone sour which lead to conflict between the parties concerned, which affected their work. Get to know your company's stance on office relationships before risking your job and reputation.

  • Do not use office resources/premises for romantic exchanges

Do not even think of sending naughty messages or pictures using the office e-mail. Not only this is inappropriate, it can also leak and get into the hands of the wrong people, which will definitely be very embarrassing for you both. PDA in the office is generally frowned upon, so it's best to keep your hands to yourselves while you are still clocked in. And no, do not use any of the office rooms for quickies; getting caught this way is more humiliating than getting your e-mails exposed to the whole office. Expect to be fired after doing such stunt.

  • Maintain a professional attitude towards each other

Just because you are an item does not mean you should display your affections towards each other in the office by calling cute names and cuddling each other in front of everyone. Keep it professional while both of you are in the office premises. It's best to keep a casual distance from each other until you have already clocked out.

  • Keep a low-profile

Restrain the urge to give your colleagues a blow-by-blow account of your relationship. This will help just in case things don't work out between the two of you. Your other officemates won't have much to gossip about, and can make things tension-free even with the circumstances.

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Tips on How to Flirt the Expert Way

Flirting is a skill that takes a lot of guts and practice to perfect. Not all are born with the flair of Casanova when it comes to attracting and seducing the opposite sex. Thankfully, these are modern times and flirting is a lot easier now than it was back then. To get you started on the flirting game, here are some tips to remember:

  • Be confident

Being an expert flirt takes a whole lot of attitude. Be confident of what you’re doing and do not hesitate, but don’t overdo the confidence bit either. Being timid will not get you anywhere.

  • Learn how to start a conversation

After working up the courage to flirt with someone, the next thing that you should learn is how to start a conversation effectively. No pickup lines please; women especially can tell the difference between a genuine conversation starter from a cheesy pickup line.

  • Learn to listen

After getting the other person’s attention, it’s important to be able to listen to whatever he or she is saying. Nothing turns people off than talking about yourself non-stop and not listening to what the other person is trying to tell you. Make eye contact while talking; this will make the other person feel that you are genuinely interested in what he or she is talking about.

  • Compliment without sounding fake

It’s easy to say the obligatory “You look really nice tonight” but it’s hard to mention it without sounding fake. The trick is to steer away from the generic compliments and focus on the really good qualities of the person you’re with. This way, you will sound really genuine when you give a compliment.

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Your Ex: Should You Still Be Friends With Him?

The trend nowadays is that women are no longer in a rush to get married. If you are a single woman who belongs to this free-spirited, independent bunch, chances are you have quite a collection of ex-boyfriends. Some of them you may have let go just like that, and some of them you still haven't got over completely. This is a sticky situation that a lot of women get themselves into more frequently than they should; they still see their ex-boyfriends even though the relationship is already over. You might be using the we're-still-friends-so-there's no-harm-in-seeing-each-other bit to justify the situation, but the question is, can you really be and should you really be friends with your ex?

Here's the deal. You CAN be friends with your ex if…

– There is absolutely no more carnal chemistry between the two of you. As in, you wouldn't jump into bed with him even after you've had a few drinks too many.

– You're absolutely cool with hearing him talk about the new girls he had been hanging out with.

– You can talk to him about your problems without wishing that you're back in his arms again.

Ditch him NOW if…

– You still get into jealous rage everytime you hear he's dating someone else. Heck, just the thought of him being friendly with another female can actually send you into emotional overdrive.

– You have to lie to your friends and tell them that you're really NOT seeing him on the sly, even though the opposite is true.

– You still think about him everyday, every minute, as long as you're awake. And you dream about him when you're sleeping.

– There is an excruciating pattern of the two of you breaking up and getting back together, over and over again.

There's nothing wrong with being friends with an ex, really. But the thing is, can you handle it? Getting back into a platonic relationship with someone you've been intimate with especially for the longest time is a mighty feat, and not a lot of people, men and women, can actually do it without encountering some issues. Don't hesitate to bid the ex sayonara if you think that's the best thing to do.

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