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Lasik the Price of Sight

Lasik is a well known procedure but is it worth the money you will spend. To make your decision you will need to weigh the benefits and disadvantages that you may incur. Via: King Lasik

Fashionably Functional XPS 13

They say when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Dell proved them wrong! Hosted by the beguiling Bianca Valerio, Dell officially launched its new XPS 13 Ultrabook last April 12 at The Mind Museum, The Fort, Taguig where dozens of press, tech bloggers, tech fanatics and curious minds came to find […]

Single and ready to mingle? Buy a smartphone!

I am sure that neither Leonard Kleinrock, JCR Licklider, Larry Roberts, Bob Kahn, Vint Cerf, nor Radia Perlman had any idea that when they were developing the concept of the internet, it will be used for this – mobile dating. I remember in the early 90’s during my pre-teen years, it was all about looking […]